Thursday, 30 December 2010


So melta guns, the bread and butter of most lists these days.  Most would consider that in this game of mech heavy armies and s4 multi wound models they are an essential bit of kit.

First of all a rant i would I would like to share.  I'll start by saying you suck games workshop.  You suck because melta guns rock yet you make them so damn hard to get hold of.  I may be crazy enough to own 6 armies but I'm not crazy enough to spend £22 quid on a squad I don't need just to get 1 melta gun,  no melta guns in the assault marines or death company pack?? are you crazy? that's all your BA player needs.

I don't want to buy several boxes of tactical squads to get my melta and plasma guns and the command squad isn't much better (though slightly less expensive but you get other nice bits in there for the loss of the other 5 marines and the rocket launcher). 

"Why does this not exist!!"

So what's a BA player to do to find those elusive melta guns, eBay? no thanks they are extremely expensive on there as so many people have the same problem.  Metal ones from GW? go die, metal is bad enough as it is without mixing it with plastic thank you very much.

So I've seen a fair few articles on converting your own, a nice one on making them from flamers however it just didn't do it for me, it didn't really look like a melta gun at all more some crazy new gun.  Then I stumbled upon a site showing you a good way to convert a melta gun out of a bolter and melta pistol from the DC box set (which I have bucket loads of).  So 'mad props' go out to the fellas at as I think (though a little on the small side compared to a normal meltagun) their idea rocks.

So as such I made one of my own and though the next one needs a bit of extra tlc as the barrel was a bit wonky I'm still happy with the result (and the 22 quid saved).

I like to think of it as a compact version :)