Monday, 30 April 2012

Fenrisian Wolf Complete!

Now, I'm not saying that I'm going to jump on the space wolves bandwagon however, I can’t help but say how much I love the new wolves and wolf riders for space wolves.  Who's with me... you? good, then follow me to one of the nicest to paint models I've ever had...

It's been a while since the new space wolves stuff came out, if you recall it was around the time the new nids came out which at the time for me eclipsed the space wolves release.  I could see they were nice though I had no interest in collecting them at the time, fast forward to now and another month without a new chaos codex leaves me with no new models... I hate no new models, my addiction can’t cope with it and as such, some wolves were purchased (of course the 20% discount at my FLGS didn’t help either).

Games Workshop's official style for the Fenrisian Wolves is the one I went for.

The kit itself is extremely basic, they have literally 4 parts, 2 halves to the body and 2 halves to the head, done.  Seriously I've had harder to put together lego and kinder surprise models.  The model once built is actually quite large, wolves even in their action pose stand huge, even bigger than the dire wolves in game of thrones, when your wolf is one a terminator base and stands much higher than a marine, you know it’s one huge wolf.

To paint the wolf I went with a basecoat of Necrotic Flesh, provides a nice yellowy/cream base to start with, also works fine with skeleton bone though.  Once this was done I got out my dry brush and some vermin brown (or whatever it's called now) then simply prodding it around the back tried to make it like the wolves above.  Before this was dry, I moved onto some watered down calthan brown though any darker brown should do, this was then put over the top of the vermin brown and blended with the edges of it to make the 2 colours appear less separate.

After this the magic kicks in, on went the first wash of Devlan mud all over in every crack.  When finished and dry I added some more wash of Badab black to the top fur parts around the back and shoulders + the tail.  When that was dry it was drybrush highlight time, out came one of the new paints the Underhive ash which I thought was excellent.  The new Drybrush paints go on very well and are loads easier to work with than just standard layer paint.

One final wash of mud was put on the fur just to tone down anywhere the dry brush went on too thick, basic detail was done (eyes nose etc) and then the base done with the new Mourn Mountain Snow Texture paint.  Overall I've very happy with it, even though it’s a very easy model to paint I do like how it looks and may even do a couple more plus some Thunderwolves to go with them!

Thanks for looking!