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Battle report Blood Angles vs Necrons 1750

Battle Report Blood Angels vs Necrons.

The Points: 1750

The lists -

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Necrons List
Blood Angels List

Pre Match thoughts

So this week I had a game against my mate O'Shashar from, Sorry there are no pics for this one, will have to remember my camera next time.
Second game I have had in a long time so still a bit rusty and have not played my jumper hybrid list for a while now however my mate is quite new to Necrons so experience wise it was about 50/50. 

My devs will likely be useless in this game as av13 is a pain to crack with s8 I find.  Melta however will utterly slaughter vehicles though they aren’t the main threat to me in this game, what I actually need to kill isn’t the thing I’m best at killing.

The Board Layout

Standard 6’ by 4’ board, we had a fair bit of terrain, fortress of redemption in the middle, skyshield on the bottom left to me and a large ruin on the top right, some other random small bits of terrain scattered around.

The Mission

Spearhead/Seize ground

3 Objectives on offer, one placed on the left, one on the right and one in the middle, about as far apart as they could possible have been.

The Deployment

Blood Angles win the roll and opt to go second, Necrons deploy everything on the board, generally right in the middle of the board and Blood Angels deploy just 1 priest and both dev squads in the skyshield to the left.

Notes: They are going to take 2 rounds of fire here but have FNP and a cover save so hopefully should last at the very least long enough for the jumpers to arrive.  Necrons have a fair walk to get even into shooting range for most of their army and won’t be assaulting them anytime soon.

Necrons Turn 1

Immortals with their teleporting cryptek deep strike right in front of my devs, a small scatter but remain in rapid fire range.  The rest of the army moves around to try and get into range the next turn.

Shooting the immortals unload on the first dev squad and get a fair few wounds however armour save then feel no pain kick in and keep them alive.

Blood Angels Turn 1

Necrons implement night fighting rules with a solar pulse.

Devs shoot at the immortals since they will likely be the only thing in range.  I opt to go for frag since they are clustered after deep striking and it’s fairly effective, landing quite a few wound, after the dust settles there are 5 down total including the cryptek.  The other squads missiles are less effective, landing fewer hits and causing no unsaved wounds.

Crpytec doesn’t get back up which is nice so no more teleporting form them, along with 3 immortals.

Turn 1 Notes

Went better than expected, the danger of hybrid if you do go DOA route is they are extremely vulnerable to an entre army’s worth of shooting for a good 2 turns,  the devastators are meant to pop tanks ready for the marines arrival however most are out of range or a struggle to hurt anyway with missile launchers.

The first squad did make their points back with a bit of luck here though which was nice.

Necrons Turn 2

Crons continue to move around the board to close in on the devastator squads.

Immortals shoot them again, this time however killing a couple from squad 1, annihilation barges shoot them also, further thinning the unit however after all shooting is done, 1 from squad 1 and most of squad 2 still remain there.

Blood Angels Turn 2

Second solar pulse comes into effect.

I roll for reserves and every single thing comes in.  Scouts arrive on my left side, moving in towards the left side objective, assault flamer squad arrives near the top right objective and both assault melta squads plus the honor guard appear near my board edge, close to a command barge.

Shooting I blow up the command barge leaving the lord out in the open, I fire the honor guard at him as well but only take a wound off.

Devastators in the depleted squad 1 fail to wound and further immortals, which the other squads missiles bounce off the shielding on an annihilation barge.

Turn 2 Notes

Scouts came in too early which was annoying, especially as they came in at the wrong side.  Feel no pain is being a hero here, between that and armour saves is has kept my devs alive like a boss.  I didn’t deploy as aggressively as I usually do simply because the threat as I see it wasn’t the vehicles so meltaing them down just doesn’t seem necessary.

Necrons Turn 3

Crons continue to move around the huge fortress of redemption in the middle, a large warrior squad moves up onto it, losing a couple of crons in the process from its dangerous terrain.  Wraiths abandon their pursuit of the devs for more juicy prey, jumping down towards the closest melta dev squad.  Scarabs and 1 barge move away from the rest of the army and towards my flamer assault squad on the right side objective.  Ghost ark immobilises itself trying to rez some fallen warriors.

Shooting the devastator squad at nearly full strength takes a further hammering from 2 of the annihilation barges causing a fair few wound, 2 more go down.  Immortals kill off 3 of the scouts that just came on.  Couple of casualties from assault marine here and there by random shooting of crypteks and warriors.  Scarabs pull out an amazing 6” fleet move meaning they will get into assault this turn with my flamer squad.

Into Assault the wraiths and the overlord charge my melta marine squad and the scarabs charge the flamer assault marines. 

Whip coils do their job and drop my marines down to I1, librarian gets preferred enemy (rage) off and wraiths begin their attack, a few marines drop but my mate epic fails on his rending rolls, feel no pain wraps up the rest of the wounds that got through.  Lord kills one of his own.  His back manage to kill the lord and take enough wounds from the wraiths to make combat a draw.

Scarabs take a fair beating in their first round of combat, taking about 10 wounds and in retaliation cause barely any wounds, only 1 wound is failed as well which doesn’t help their cause, losing a couple more bases from fearless wounds.  They remain locked in combat.

Blood Angels turn 3

Remaining devastator shoots but fails to wound anything.  Honor guard jumps over the fortress of redemption and blows up an annihilation barge with its melta guns.  Second melta assault squad decides not to help their mates in combat and instead kills the second command barge that has wandered over, leaving the second overlord out in the open.

In combat its still the same two fights as before, scarabs this time fare better however as my attacks only manage to cause 2 wounds and both are saved! Their hits back however killing a couple of marines this time and the combat is only saved by the power fist killing 1 and causing a narrow win that the fearless save is also saved for! My mates dice are on fire right now.

The wraith combat this time goes much the same as before, couple of wounds to either side and a draw.

Turn 3 Notes

That was an extremely scary charge from those scarabs, 24” charge is deadly for sure however it was more detrimental to them in the end as they took a good solid beating from it.  The other combat went ok for me, better than expected as I took the charge head on and came out of it with a draw, can’t complain at that at all.

Necrons Turn 4

Not much movement from the crons, barges stand sill to fire and finish off the devastators from squad 1, reducing squad 2 to only 1 missile launcher left, priest has also gone now.  Warriors and crypteks on the fortress kill a couple of the honor guard marines while shooting at the long devastator is ineffective.  Immortals finish off the scouts at the top.

Assault time and the scarabs time is up, marines basic hits wipe enough of them that they will struggle to survive this time, hits back do no wounds and powerfist kills all but the last wound on the final scarab, it fails the 1 fearless wound out of about 7 rolls that I need and the remaining 5 marines consolidate onto the objective.

The wraith combat this time does not go as well for me as the overlord also charges in, the librarian goes down as does the priest, marines hold steadfast however with 2 remaining and pass their ld test, killing 1 wraith in reply that was already on 1 wound.

Blood Angels Turn 4

Honor guard look to a new target, the immobilised ghost ark, however the 1 remaining melta gun fails to hit (curses!).  Last remaining devastator does nothing as his missile bounces off barge shields again.

In the final combat my second marine squad charges into the ongoing wraith combat, positioning carefully so that none of my key units are in base to base with whip coils.  The charge is fairly devastating and 4 wraiths are killed in the process as well as the lord however he does manage to get his attacks in first and kills my priest.  The final wraith goes down as well and the combat there is over.

Turn 4 Notes

Back on track to a certain extent though still loads of Necrons left, I have lost quite a few points worth of units now but the shooting coming at me is quite significant.  I have 1 objective for certain and my mate will get the other side one with his warrior squad out of the ghost ark, the battle for the final middle objective begins…

Necrons turn 5

Movement sees the Necrons forces getting closer to my marines to try and shoot them down, immortals and barges unload on the marines killing a couple however even though my mates dice are on fire and getting loads of wounds, my armour saves are also being heroic and keeping my guys alive.  Warriors on the wall shoot down the remaining 2 honor guard members with the help of the ark.

Blood Angels Turn 5

The last 2 marines in melta squad 1 and the remaining marines from melta squad 2 jump forward into range of the objective in case the game ends, as its stands it will be a draw.  Their shooting only kills 1 of the Necrons on the wall.

Roll is done and game continues.

Turn 5 Notes

Ok well would be happy for it to end there, I’m not doing too well at this point and another round of shooting with no feel no pain is going to sting, just need to hold on as long as possible

Necrons turn 6

Immortals open fire on the marines, armour saves hold again though and they shrug it off.  Barges also fire at them, killing a couple, its not going to be enough.  Necrons on the wall get an awesome 6 for moving through cover and get all their squad in place to shoot me down, killing the 2 marines on their own, leaving only 4 in the final squad, one of them a librarian.

Blood Angels turn 6

Nothing to do but move forward, the last 4 marines bound to the objective and consider a charge, shooting doesn’t do anything as cover ignores it, I roll for the difficult terrain test needing a 3… I get a 1 and a 2.  We roll for it and the game ends.

Final notes

Its an epic charge fail so not a change of getting into combat and stealing the win by wiping out the guys on the wall however I do manage to steal a draw, should it have gone on to another turn I think I would have been slaughtered and lost 2-1.

Good game though, the Necron list is solid and though the blood angel list isn’t bad, I’m not so certain its exactly what I want it to be just yet, further tweaking is needed.

Pictures next time I promise :) 

TL : DR Version 

Game was a draw, necrons dominated for most of it but feel no pain did well to keep blood angels in it and snatch the win out of their grasp at the end.

Cant we all just get along in our hatred of Gaunts?