Thursday, 1 March 2012

Time for some Tyranids? Trygon done!

Time for some Tyranids? Well with the new nid release right around the corner I though yes, it certainly is....

So those of you who may remember back, I started a small nid collection (mainly for painting, not enough to game with) quite a while back, the hive fleet behemoth scheme being extremely easy to paint and still in my opinion look decent won me over and I started building my force.

Fast forward to a week or two ago and we finally had the announcement/leak of the new nid units (tervigon/tyrannofex/tyrant/swarmlord) which got me right back into things, it was time to try out one of the big ones so I bought myself a Trygon.

This beast was pretty easy to put together for anyone wondering what its like, for such a big monster it really did not take very long at all, all in all I really liked its kit and would say its one of the better ones.  Being plastic certainly did not hurt it that's for sure with my finecast tyrant having a fair bit of failcast about it.

Well here it is in all its glory, hive node included to break up the base a little and im pretty happy with it overall.

 This I imagine is the view a space marine gets before being eaten

So now that is done with, what’s next well here it is, I literally just finished gluing this 5 mins ago.

 The very funky looking venomthrope

Now the main reason I'm showing you this is just to show how crappy a finecast cast it was, not only was there 3 left arms and 1 right arm in the box so i had to kinda improvise with the 3rd left arm but there was numerous bubble holes in it, all fixable with some green stuff however I can’t help but find it extremely shoddy of GW that after all these months they have still not really improved their casting process and we are still seeing this level of fail.

What's most annoying is both me and my mate studied it though the packaging and could see no issues with it, as such it seems the only way to be sure is to literally build it in the shop!

Once its done I'll be sure to post pictures up and we can see if the green stuff fix masked the failure or not.  Thanks for looking!