Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hobby: Blood Angels Terminator re-done

So last time I brought you my new blood angels scheme with a painted jump pack marine, now its the turn of a terminator to take a touching up and re-basing....

In a sea of posts lately about 6th edition, its easy to get swept up in the excitement.  I'm certainly not immune to this and have been keeping tabs regularly on sites like Faeit 212 which in my humble opinion is by far the best rumours site on the Internet both for accuracy and consistency to get in there first with the rumours and news before anyone else.

What these rumours have done is pushed me away from generic marines for a while and move onto some terminators, a unit which with the rumoured power weapon nerf to ap3 (for many of them) should give them a bit more resilience especially when stuck in a storm raven, new and improved with fantastic new flier rules.

This model is of course a re-paint, it was initially done to a basic standard a long while ago, as regular readers may recall.  So to being with this is the old model - 

To begin with I took a look at my most recent blood angels models, they had a fair bit more highlighting, so I figured I would start there, over most of the model, highlights were made a bit more dramatic and clear.  After that I moved onto the hammer, the other part which I was not overly keen on as it looks too block silver, however not wanting to go too far I simply gave it a glow to match the storm shield, once which I really like, it says, yep this is the glow of a 3++.

So these are the pics of the new terminator, let me know what you think.

And to finish up, what hobby post would be complete without the obligatory action shot!

Whats next? who knows maybe I'll finish the terminator squad or my storm raven or maybe even the librarian to go with them afterall they sound like they will be the kings of 6th edition!