Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hobby: Blood Angels Re-basing!

Some of you may recall following the release of the new texture base paints I started a re-base of my armies that have been painted, dark eldar and space wolves take the snow bases, nids take the mud bases and its now time to find a base for my blood angels.
First job was to find the right base colour, red would have matched my blood angels board, but sadly red with red looks silly, so whats left, grey (astrogranite), grass (lustrian undergrowth) or sand (Armageddon dust).  Since I already had the models based with a sand, I figured the dust one would be too much like that, so ruled it out.  Next up with the grass paint, sadly when tested on a skeleton it just looked way too bland, plus its grass, its not like you can add static grass, that would look silly.

My last hope was the granite road looking paint, well grey kinda goes alright with red, plus a black rim on that would go even better, so I settled with that, here are the results - 

Here is a comparison shot of the old versus the new, the new one is more bland for sure but I do think it looks better, if for no other reason than I hate the old sand and grass bases!

Now I have the immense task of re-basing all the models I have done so far, stripping the sand from the old ones and applying the new gray road/moon basing.  In the meantime I'll leave you with some marines about to get eaten, enjoy!

Last stand of the Blood Angels