Monday, 11 April 2011

Dark Eldar Raider Work in Progress

The second of my painting attempts for my new dark eldar army, the raider.  

I Couldn't help but think when I started painting this model, what's the point.  Its AV 10 and may as well be made of paper, the damn thing wont be on the board long enough to look good.  This is true however its a gorgeous model, the Dark Eldar range on the whole are the best I think Games Workshop have ever done so it would be rude not to at least paint one of them.

So here is my work in progress, clearly only a very small amount done so far but its mainly to show the paint scheme and hopefully the vision I have for the completed vehicle.

This is my first painted model which should give some indication of what kind of scheme I want to end up with.  Its also in my mind to perhaps paint every raider in the army different depending on what's in it but feel that would kill any sort of consistency.

This army is inspired by one I saw on bell of lost souls with completely white army of raiders including an English flag on the sail, my scheme is nothing like it but it shows what a gorgeous army this can look like.

Imagine if you will the rest of the panels painted the same as this (with a little tidy up on the edging) the inside will be a black washed silver so its quite dull and the various spikes will also be silver. I hope to bring you the finished thing soon (yes I know, just like the half finished land raider lol).