Saturday, 16 April 2011

First Missile Devastator Marine done!

Not nearly as glamorous as a converted jump pack Librarian but certainly very important, yes after another successful evening of painting in a row, my first (1 of 4) Missile Devastator marine is complete.

So I have set myself a goal, to try and get as much of my BA done in the next couple of months as possible (sadly that means the Deldar go onto the shelf for a while), so tonight I bit my tongue, put a movie on and got down to it, 4 new marines earned their backpacks (magnetised so if I one day want to use them in razorbacks/land raiders/rhinos etc I can). 

The process for which you can read about HERE, which recently featured in the top 10 magnetising guides on the interwebs on 3++ (love your work guys).

So onto the model itself then, I did the sarge a while back (pics below) and wasn't as happy with its paint job, the conversion itself looked decent but some bits of its paint work looked shoddy on camera and still do now.  As such I may have to go back and re-visit that model at some point, even this Dev makes it look a bit poor, so either I was having an off day or my painting has come along leaps and bounds.

So here's the model, ML Dev 1 of 4.

 With the converted Sergeant

With the rest of his squad, awaiting their turn

Next to come hopefully will be some standard regular Assault marines, I only have 2 done so far and my goal is to get at least 1 full squad complete.  Thanks for taking the time to check out my work!