Tuesday, 5 April 2011

First Kabalite Warrior complete

Well its been a while, I got my first warriors when the Dark Eldar were first released but I have finally got around to painting one.  Mainly to try out a different paint scheme than I'm used to in practice for my Blood Angels librarian but I'm fairly happy with how it turned out, especially considering how terrible the wyche was.

The paint job is army painter blue undercoat followed by a black wash then a highlight with ice blue.  My only concern is maybe that the highlight is too bright and where it doesn't look bad here, unique maybe! it might not suit my Blood Angels Librarian.

The last picture had the flash on so looks way brighter than it actually is hence the rest of the pics not having it but just wanted to put it up for reference.  Makes a change from the usual evil emo paint jobs I recon!


  1. Lol, it looks good man! I think your blue is a little brighter overall than mine, but we do certainly have a very similar paint scheme! Even our little bronze thing on the guns are the same color :-p

    Keep it up though, I'm sure your army will end up much nicer than mine :)

  2. I know what are the odds eh, had never seen yours before that either and I had looked around before I painted it and not seen any like it, bronze on the gun is the way forward only pro painters do that ;)

    To Anyone else that wants to know what we are talking about you can view Xaereth's fine work here - http://rumorsofheresy.blogspot.com/2011/04/dark-eldar-project-pictures-thus-far.html