Thursday, 26 May 2011

More Dark Eldar on advance order!

They have been seen ages ago on various forums but now they are finally on advance order, the razorwing, wracks, grotesque and haemonculus join the venom talos and scourges.

Starting with the Razorwing then, one of my favourite models ever and what I think is a massive shock for such a big model on a large oval flying base, its retailing at the BARGIN price of £25.50.

Next up the wracks, finecast models that come in a pack of 5 is awful for these models, they should have clearly been a multi part plastic kit with 10 in it however on the flip side, they look fantastic.  You are looking at £20.50 for 5.

3rd is the Grotesques, at £12.50 each and not being the best unit ever, I cant see these being very popular however they are a nice model, I might have to get 1.

Finally we have one of the best lords in the book with a nice new model though bit odd floating there doing jazz hands. Its £10.50 which is fairly reasonable considering the rumoured resin price hikes.

So overall I think good additions to the range, all in the same look and feel of the deldar army and for the most part look amazing.  Whats the big shock is how oddly cheap they seem to be, especially the fighter and not including the poor value for money wracks.  They are released on the 18th of June 2 weeks after the rest of the new stuff.