Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New Dark Eldar up for pre-order!!! + razorwing pic

New Dark Eldar up for pre-order!!! oh my and they look fantastic

Found here we have a Dark eldar battleforce containing warriors, wyches, bikes and a raider.  Then the real meat of the release, the pain engine, parasite engine, scourges and a venom.



For me the ultimate part of this release are the scourges, if for nothing else the wings, I never much liked the unit but MUST have some of these models.  Its also nice to finally see a venom out with a model.  The engines I and I'm sure you as well are delighted to know are all plastic kits.  Sadly you cant see how big the model is as there are no warriors nearby for a size comparison.

Additional info!!

Though not on the pre-order page the new razorwing model has also been sighted on the GW facebook page, here it is -
I'm pretty happy with it!