Saturday, 21 May 2011

Traitor Guard Army?

My flurry into the world of Chaos Guard begins....

My first ever army was chaos space marines.  It started a couple years ago, I heard a mate was playing 40k and my childhood interests were sparked again as if I was that 10 year old boy again, I went out and spend about £200 on brand new chaos stuff, most of which I had no clue about, I just grabbed the stuff that looked fun.  A few months later I started to learn more about the game, read lots of forums and took a sound beating pretty much every single week from my mate who played nids and was very experienced at the game.

More beatings passed and all though I got better I grew tired of the boys in black power armour yet still loved the chaos theme.  Just about that time the new imperial guard codex was scheduled for release and I jumped on it straight away, the week of release buying 3 battle forces and a load of other stuff inc cases, pretty much spending about £400 on my new army. 

The idea was to build this to compliment my chaos army, as renegade imperial guard, putting them both together to one day field a joint chaos/traitor apoc army.  Sadly the need to play the game in its 1750 point form was too strong and I built the army straight away as a standard guard army.  Fast forward to now and it again stirs that I would really like a traitor guard army.

Long dead sadly are my go out and spend half a grand on new armies days, so that’s the forgeworld traitors out the window, as such I started having a go at researching and building my own, now If you have ever looked for traitor guard online you will probably see 1 of 2 things, either forgeworld conversions or nurgle guard conversions with zombies.  

 Some Zombie ones I found while searching for inspiration

After a discussion on the subject we thought, why has no-one done a khorne one, or a slannesh one or tzeentch traitor army? So I had a look and nope, couldn’t find one anywhere, as such I decide to give it a go.  Well here is my first attempt, very basic, how can I make it look Slannesh? Well I got a spare box of daemonettes I had lying around and went to town.

This was the first attempt, I found the main problem was lasguns, they need them or they just don’t look like imperial guardsmen, but they are pretty much 2 handed weapons, meaning the arms, the bit that will be most important in the conversion cant essentially be changed, this is a problem.  My next attempt was to remove the lasgun, in this instance I used a grenade and  more claws, instead sticking the gun on the back, as it was slung over there and perfectly normal while throwing that grenade.

I didn’t think this was bad but also not that great either, so what now, maybe try a female one, but I hear you say, though slannesh is signified by females, there are no female guardsmen, well true, but I gave it a go anyway.  Here is the result of my first attempt. 

I don’t think it looks too bad, the model at first did not look that great, so I decided to paint it, only quickly so yeah the paintjob is just about tabletop (minus the base done).  There are a few problems with this model, the gun is the standalone gun with no arm attached, which is harder to get hold of, there certainly are not enough of them to make an entire platoon, even 10 vets is a struggle.  The second problem is the gun stuck out to the side one handed looks a bit rubbish, sadly posing it any other way didn’t seem plausible.  What I do like about her? the body parts do seem to go together well, the skirt looking quite nice as version of guardsmen trousers.

So my question to you is have you done yourself, or seen anyone else do a slannesh guard army? Or maybe even a khorne one or tzeentch? Perhaps you have an idea on a better way to make some traitors while still keeping their identity as guardsmen.

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  1. like them, like the idea 2, ive just recently thought about starting a traitor guard army, and like you said its either forgeworld or WHFB conversions, that still cost