Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Duke Conversion complete

It seems my mood is back onto the Dark Eldar again and with it a conversion attempt of the greatest in my opinion of all the HQ characters in the book, Duke Silicus.

With no picture in the book and only a vague description that didn't sound too easy to convert, I was one model I never really fancied making my own version of, however after a brief look around the internet I wandered across this conversion here at yetanotherdarkeldar.  I liked it so much that I decided to make my own especially considering how many spare corsairs I have after a flurry a few months ago into dark elves.

So here is how they turned out.  One thing that bothered me was the eyes, that I just couldn’t get right this time, it seems hit and miss, I can get the while but never get the pupil right, anyone have any advice on those?  Would be appreciated. 

The plan, if I can manage it is to have a small squad of warriors painted in the same paint scheme as silicus so they stand out from the rest of the army (green as apposed to blue like the rest).


  1. for the eyes try

    1) paint entire eye area black
    2) paint eye shape white/offwhite leaving a thin black rim
    3)paint a dark: blue/green/brown as a pupil
    4) put a TINY white spot on the eye

    that is the method i use as generally the whites of the eyes get lost with the light flesh tones!


  2. my trick for eyes is pretty simple:

    1. paint the eye area black or any dark color
    2. put a dot of the white of your choice in the corners of the eye area.
    3. done

    this gives a more realistic eye than trying to hand paint pupils and is much easier. the problem with trying to put a dot of pupil in the middle is that you get just that- a dot. This will make all your models look bugged out like they have been smoking meth for a month straight.

    look in a mirror at your own eyes. you'll notice that your pupil isn't really a perfect dot in the middle of your eye. your lids cover the top and bottom just a little bit- and this is the exact look you'll get with the above painting method.

  3. Thanks for the tips guys, will have to try them out on the next thing I paint with eyes showing!