Thursday, 16 June 2011

Finecast Wracks Review

So my FLGS usually gets new releases in a couple of days early, as such I popped in today and picked up a haemonculus and some wracks.  Now the wracks being in a box set is always a risk, especially with all the stories of miscasts, but I figured I would give them a chance.

The Haemonculus will be coming shortly but first up is the wrack box set.  The set itself is 5 wracks, one of which can be made into a Acothyst.  You get a separate sprue with weapons options (liquefier gun, agoniser etc) which is pretty nice to have considering this box set should have been a multi part plastic kit since most wrack armies would need several squads of them.

They come all nicely packaged, some for a strange reason in little plastic bags and there was no breakages at all or anything bent out of shape really for that matter.  Unfortunately the first one I came to build had both a small miscast and a defect caused by bubbles.

Here you can probably see on the chin the big gap where there must have been a bubble.

This is what it should look like I would think, without any gap.

I then looked closer and there is another gap in the 2nd head on the exact same place as the first one which isn’t good, also the hole you put the arm into is half filled up with resin, so to put the arm on I had to cut off the ball joint and glue it on flat.

Here is the finished model, I’m going to have to put a bit of glue into that chin bubble or something if I don’t take these back though considering the rest of the models were pretty much perfect, least so far as I can see so far (another also had its joint filled up with resin but thankfully gluing flat onto flat is easy with finecast).

Even with these problems finecast still rocks, I love not having to deal with metal, after I did one of these wracks and was a bit depressed about the miscasts I went again to my metal incubi, perfect casts but horrible to put together. 

I also have an archon as well as the hermo and will be posting up details of their build quality soon.


  1. Nice review. I saw some at a local gaming club last night, small models and feel delicate, but I guess all finecast feel like that.

  2. It's a crying shame that as good as finecast is the inconsistency in quality is its downfall