Saturday, 25 June 2011

More Wracks and Haemonculus action

Enter the Dark Covern! After 5 boxes, 1 return due to poorly casted miniatures (seriously I didn’t take pictures but one miniature had no backpack thing and one was completely missing an arm) I have finally finished getting together the core of my wrack/haemo list.

As per a previous post, there was some issues with my wracks, bubbles on the models in quite a few places and in the latest box set that went straight back so fast it might have had aethersails due to such incredible poor casting (4/5 were damaged beyond repair with green stuff).  However I now have 20 built up ready with their dark lord to lead them.

The Haemonculus itself is a nice kit, it had no damage so far as I can see and went onto the base just fine with a big flat section.  The model, though it appears to be doing some kind of evil Jazz hands I still really like, as I do the wracks, even with people complaining about their limited number of poses.

So, how to use these guys, the lists I have come up with so far I have not been sure about, wracks even with their flamer aren’t particularly offensive, you have to say the best way to use them really has to be to sit on objectives in cover and hold them while your warriors and wyches do the dirty work.

As such this does pose the question, should I have equipped the hexrifle onto the acolyte so they can at least scare something while they sit minding their own business on the objective,  well perhaps! though it’s pretty easy to cut off their arms and attach the rifle arm instead, let’s face it, these won’t all be painted for a fair while though I do hope to finish the haemo or at least 1 of the wracks shortly.

How do you field your Wracks and what do you do with them when they are on the board?


  1. Shame you didn't get any pictures of the faulty ones so we could have a better idea of just how bad some of these models from the "material of the future" can be.

  2. I'm loving the new Dark Eldar models, I constantly have to fit the urge to buy some. I love the Haemonculus, skins coats are awesome ask Fabius :)

  3. The box that went back was shocking I really wish I taken pictures, it would have made a pretty good article of fail. Finecast clearly has zero quality control.