Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Baal Prime/Mars/Red Planet Board update

Just a quick update on my the first panel of my Baal Prime/Mars/Red Planet board the first panel is now finished.  
After its wash, all that was left (after waiting for an age for the army painter dark tone to dry) was a light dry brush with blood red to slightly bring out some of the raised areas and rocks around the skulls and the skulls themselves which just had a dry brush with bleached bone and then covered in devlan mud.  Finally I gave them a light drybrush with blood red just so they don’t stand out too much (let’s face it they would be dusty red being in the ground).

Here are some of the shots I took earlier

So currently I'm thinking, hmm maybe further work on the skulls, bit more red perhaps? could try drybrushing them a bit more this time with a darker red for a more dusty look, will have to give it a go at some point.

And finally here's me trying to be cinematic with some action shots of my marines on the board itself.  Next up is the side section with more rocks on it!  Its also worth noting that after these shots I remembered that I forgot to apply the Matt anti-shine varnish, though after this was done I had a look and it really made little difference on pictures due to the lighting, will try and get some better completely shine-less ones next time.


  1. Coming together nicely the varnish seems to have worked well and look forward to seeing a picture now you have applied the matt varnish.

    Are you planning to rebase the marines to match your board or keep the current basing so they fit in on the more generic green boards that seem popular.

  2. That looks brilliant, can't wait to see the finished board :)

  3. Cheers, yeah the next part should be the real test as it will show a bit of hills/rocks as well as skulls, I'm also going to re-visit the skulls with a bit more dry brush of a darker red I think as they look far too light and even a bit pink.

    Considered re-basing them as it would match nicely but like you say, that then opens up the issue that they wont really match on any other board and the one they have now is just designed to look ok on any generic grassy/sand board that allot of people use.

    Plus Red board, red base red marine might be a bit much.