Thursday, 7 July 2011

Welcome to Baal Prime Part 2

Bit of a progress report for ya here on the painting on my mars/baal themed games workshop realm of battle gameboard.

The board is going well so far, first of all it was all sprayed red with army painter dragon red and believe me it took a fair amount of the stuff (2.5 cans as a rough guess).  I’m now going over it with army painter dark tone wash, I wanted to use GW badab black but with those little pots it would have probably taken about 30 and the patience of a saint. 

So here are the first 2 boards sprayed and washed.  You may well notice how shiny they are, fear not, they will be sprayed with anti shine as soon as they are dry and have been dry brush highlighted.

This image above is probably the closest to the actual colour of the board, the rest are either crazy bright or too dark.

These 2 above are not with the flash on but for some reason came out really bright.

And to contrast I think I was completely blocking the light on this shot of the rocks.

The boards being 2x2 take up alot of space so have to be done one or two at a time at most.  Here they are drying in my spare room, taking up nearly all the space possible.  Sadly they cant go sideways as the ink runs out of the skeleton pits.

And finally here is one of the craters done using the same method but with its anti shine and a blood red dry brush applied to it.  As they say more to come!


  1. That's looking really good. You are going to have a brilliant and nicely different board to play on when you are finished, and I'm really rather jealous.

    Looking forward to seeing it completed.

    ps: are you going to differentiate the "rocky" parts of the board, or just let them blend in with the rest?

  2. Cheers yeah I hope it looks as good as its shaping up to be, the rocky bits hopefully should get a dry brush and look lighter than the rest, bit like the crater rock edges (though its hard to tell on that photo as it got a bit washed out!

  3. Good work so far the board is really taking shape. The first picture seems to show a fair bit of variation in the colour hope that isn't lost when the anti shine is applied.

  4. Dont think it will be, all it seems to do really is kill the shine, cant even tell its there besides that