Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Blood Angels Terminator Librarian conversion WIP

In a recent game I tried something never before given the time of day, a terminator squad inside a storm raven accompanied by a terminator librarian for support.  After performing incredibly well I have decided he deserves a model of his own and well here it is.

After creating my jump librarian from the grey knights box set mixed with bits from the death company box set and being quite happy with how it turned out, I decided to go the same route for this guy.  The only problem now being how to make him look like a Blood Angel and not just a standard GK sergeant.  The way around this with my jump guy was mostly in the paint job but also helped by the jump pack itself as well as a nice winged shoulder pad.  Neither of these options available for my terminator librarian.

The only solution it seemed was to go all out and get the Forgeworld shoulder pads for him.  Thankfully (and quite surprisingly for lazy posting Forgeworld, my vendetta lascannons took about 3 weeks) the shoulders arrived quite quickly before I had lost interest in doing the conversion.  I combined these with the blood angels winged symbols from the Death Company box set and found a nice spot for them on the side of the knees.  So here is the finished article which should be painted shortly time permitting.

Looking at the storm shield and though I do quite like the bigger version, it would have been nice to get the blood angels one from the model in space hulk however its just far too expensive on ebay so it had to slide on this occasion, as amazing as it looks.

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  1. Looks a good start look forward to seeing how it looks when it's painted.

    Shame the Storm Shield was too pricey as could have been a nice addition.