Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Just a quick update

A quick update as it has been a while, so yeah, it seems summer appeared and with a vengeance and partly killed my blog.  Looking around I’m not the only one either as it’s definitely apparent that it has done the same to many others.

So we only play 40k generally in the winter? Certainly makes sense, why bother sitting in a boiling room full of sweaty men when you can be outside in the sunshine checking out the girls wearing next to nothing eh.  Plus holidays take their toll on everyone’s gaming schedule.  That and painting in the heat isn’t much fun either even if you discount that your paints dry up faster (really need a wet pallet of some kind).


Combine this with the excellent summer release ‘space marine’ and its easy to see why a lot of blogs are currently posting way less than normal.  Take a look at the recent schedule of games, Deux ex, Dead Island both already out and very fun as well as Fifa 12 at the end of the month for the football fans out there.  Then next month if it wasn’t bad enough already the amazing schedule of Forza 4, Batman Arkham city, Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3.  If all releases stick with the proposed release dates it’s a month that could cripple the wallet even more than a new army release.

 This looks amazing and if its anything like the first one it will be

I did recently have a game of 40k which was pretty good, an old school battle orks VS tau (unfortunately we didn’t take a battle report on this occasion) but due to being a bases game you could have guaranteed it would be a draw and yep it was.  The trip itself was actually a scouting of a new gaming club which you can all read about HERE on my mate’s blog.

 I have been considering a summer character battle royalle recently if that is something that people would like to see, drop me a comment and I’ll see how popular one might be this year as we certainly have some heavyweight new contenders around. Link to the first post of the last one HERE.

In other news it seems Games Workshop is continuing its ‘summer of fantasy’, what happened to the 40k is what I want to know, where is the summer of fliers that was promised? It’s all well and good releasing the odd few model here and there though most of the 40k ones recently have been way over priced (court of the archon I’m looking at you) for what you get in a unit that you need multiple versions of. 

As expected they continued the fantasy world theme with the announcement of Dreadfleet, a naval game based on the old man o war board game.  Though I never played it so it would be rude for me to say it was rubbish what I can say is I would have much rather have warhammer quest, bloodbowl, necromunda or battlefleet gothic.

 While stocks last! Games workshop's new way of letting people make money on ebay

What I will give Games Workshop credit for is how well they cut down on the holes in their company, it seemed that even the slightest news of a new release would be leaked to the internet way before it was due out yet I woke up on Saturday morning and have to say that even though I knew Dreadfleet was coming, I had no idea for certain what it would be called or what it looked like.  Is this a good or bad thing? Well I personally think it’s a very bad thing. 

The internet is free publicity and I don’t get why GW don’t see that, people get hyped about new releases way before they come out and save up money in preparation ready to buy them, what has happened now is you have 2 weeks to save up whatever cash you need for your purchase, not enough I don’t think.  When Dark elder came out, everyone knew what the models looked like and what was on its way and even rough rules for units, so they saved, went out and bought them. 

To this day I have only had 1 game with my dark eldar yet I still have a full 1750 point army with custom cases for them.  As mentioned before there are loads of new console games on their way that have been announced so we can plan for those yet even though GW has to compete with these releases they keep with their crazy secretive schedule, hoping people will simply go into stores and impulse buy models.  Sorry guys but relying on impulse buying is a poor business plan in my opinion.

So that’s the end of the news for now, I’m hopeful of a new 40k release to get excited about coming soon (with sadly only 2 weeks notice of I bet) and an end to the fantasy for a while as I am sick of seeing square bases.