Tuesday, 18 January 2011

40k Battle Royale!

So here it is the 40k character Battle Royale! 

Welcome to the first 40k project Character Battle Royale! Due to some extreme boredom and HUGE gaps between games + slacking on painting, I have decided to do a tournament of sorts between many of the best loved (and hated) characters in 40k.  Not every army book will have entries, many books will only have a few entries and others will have loads, depends really on my mood.  I am also allowing characters that some would not generally consider characters, ie the avatar and swarmlord, really just because I feel they are unique enough to be allowed in.  Judge’s decision is final (that’s me) and all rolls will be random and final.

32 of the best have been chosen and split into 2 brackets based on their points values (150-220 and 220-360).  You might say yeah but the highest points will of course win, well its time to see if that’s the case….

A table was formed listing each entry and then in the style of NFL, the lowest plays the highest.  Each round will consist of a best of 3 contest, where each contestant will get ‘the charge’ and a shooting phase then a final round if needed where both get ‘the charge’.  In the event of a tie 1 free wound will be re-gained and sudden death will play, repeating itself if each contestant keeps knocking each other out (or vaporising each other).  Characters with wings/jump infantry will get +1 attack on top of any normal bonus attacks to simulate that movement 12 will generally always get you the charge.

So onto the action! 

Round 1 Astaroth vs The avatar

So a little pre match build up lets look at these two, first we have the reaper of the death company Astaroth the Grim, possibly the most vampire looking dude in the blood angels codex.  Astaroth has wings but not much shooting and no psychic powers at all, in combat he’s ok but lacks eternal warrior which might sting if  the avatar throws his spear into his face.  On the other side the great Avatar of Khaine, many times has this guy been a thorn in my side though without a farseer giving him re-rolls on his inv save and Astaroth making him re-roll successful rolls, it might not be as one sided as it may first seem.

Fight 1, Astaroth’s Charge

With limited shooting (bolt pistol) Astaroth hits but does not wound, Astaroth then charges in with 3 base attacks, +2 for charging with wings gives him 5 attacks at I5, His axe is a S6 power weapon and he can re-roll hits and wounds the turn he charges.  For some crazy reason Astaroth does not have furious charge so the Avatar strikes first at I6 with 4 attacks, S6 so hitting on 3’s and wounding on 2’s.  First dice show 2 hits, and with 2 6’s rolled, 2 wounds.  Astaroth also has a 4+ inv save and makes them both with a 5 and a 6 rolled.

Onto Astaroth’s hits back he needs 4’s it hit and 4’s to wound, he scores 5 hits (with re-rolls) and 4 wounds (with re-rolls).  The avatar fails 3 saves and re-rolls the pass which is also a fail, 4 wounds gone and in what can be possibly one of the flukiest rounds of combat ever, downs the avatar in one go.  So Astaroth takes the first match.

Fight 2, Avatar’s Charge

Here we have the Avatar with a chance to end this all before swords even clash, he throws his spear, hits but rolls a 1 to wound! Onto the combat he again goes first this time with 5 attacks, 4 land and all 4 wound, could this be as one sided as the first round? Yes! With only 1 save and 3 wounds Astaroth is one shotted and down on the ground, onto the final round!

Fight 3, Both Charge.

Starting with Astaroth his bolt pistol hits but does not wound.  The avatar throws his spear, it hits, wounds but with a 6 Astaroth takes things into combat.  The Avatar rolls 5 again,  4 hits, 3 wounds however all are saved by Astaroth’s inv save.  5 attack for Astaroth and he scores 4 hits (with re-rolls) and 3 wounds (with re-rolls) avatar then fails 2 of them and passes the 3rd (twice).  Losing combat by 2 and being fearless the Avatar then successfully makes 2 armour saves.

Astaroth(3 wounds) Avatar (2 wounds)
This time around Avatar hits with 4 attacks, scoring 2 hits and 1 wound which is saved.  3 attacks from Astaroth, 2 hits and 2 wounds are scored with the Avatar failing one and passing the other.  Avatar losing by 1 but then fails his armour save, its all over Astaroth has pull out a shock first round with with his inv save the only thing between him and an easy slaughter.

More to come soon the next round will be fought between ‘Iron Hand’ Straken and Yriel Prince of the eldar.


  1. Could you perhaps post the tournament bracket? cause I'm really curious who you picked :) and how they are stacked against each other.


  2. Sure, I'll get that up at some point with the next round :)