Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A spot of Warhammer Quest?

It may not be 40k but sometimes you have to do something a little different...

Now if you aren't aware of it, warhammer quest is an old games workshop game, generally played with 3-4 players and a dungeon master.  You have several 'tiles' that connect together to form rooms and as a team move forward through the dungeon, if you have played it, think a more complex version of hero quest.
You may not think it, but it’s actually quite fun, sounds like world of warcraft on a board you may even say and in a way that's kind of right however the laughs you can have while going along and fighting alongside each of your team mates makes for a great evening with often zero arguments, something I have to say I wished was the case with warhammer 40k.

So to begin you start with 4 basic characters to choose from, 2 tanks, a ranger and a wizard.  The wizard is the one I went for and with both offensive and defensive skills it is very flexible and fun.  One problem we had is the lack of models however with many of the monsters having their parts played by generic skeletons. The Dungeon Master had the board sections and rulebooks however we all chose to get our own heroes (or warriors as the game calls them).

So this is my wizard (or sorceress as I am going to call her).

If It's not something you recognise, the model is the new dark elf sorceress, a plastic single model from Games Workshop for warhammer fantasy and one I have been looking for an excuse to paint for a while now.  With the break from 40k lately I think it makes a nice change!

So next time hopefully I will post some pics from the actual games we have and the next job which will be painting some monsters to use in the games themselves.