Saturday, 5 November 2011

Necrons Appear!

So likely not news to anyone but the new Necron book and units have finally landed.  I personally got my copy of the codex on friday and though I have not had a lot of chance to look through it in details, so far its looking quite good.

With a fairly decent sized and impressive looking range being released, this is a refresh in the style of dark eldar it seems, going forward if this is going to be the norm then I personally will be quite happy about that.  My mate's wallet which is £200 lighter is probably not, nor will his mrs be but he has loads of new plastic and that's always fun.

Along with my codex I also picked up some immortals, nice models I have to say (combined also with deathmarks who also look very funky).

Deathmarks themselves I don't really like I have to say, would be ok maybe for a little harassment unit, problem is they take up a valuable elite slot and let's face it, they are in short supply.

Onto the codex and some bits I’ll pick out, firstly the meat of it, the first thing that jumped out at me was the triarch stalker the new walker they get, straight out of war of the worlds with its own death heat ray (s8 ap1 heavy2 melta or a s5 ap4 flamer).  It may only be armour 11 but combined with the shields of lovely armour 13, it’s a fantastic elite choice for 150 points.  If that’s not enough it comes with a type of marker light giving twin linked shooting out to other units that also target the same thing it shot them at, fantastic!

Scarabs everyone has heard about and are great, especially combined with fantastic tomb spyder (now called the canoptek spyder which has s6 t6 and is 50 points and spews out scarabs unless it rolls a 1).

Next of interest are the tomb blades but not really in a good day, 20 points a model and max squads of 5 with 4+ save (upgrade to 3+ for 10 points) may seem a bit like they are weaker than they should be without much use, certainly at initial glance this does appear to be the case.  Short of using them as a small harassment unit or giving them particle beamers for the s6 ap5 small blast and using them as anti ork/swarm.  I don't think I would use these.

Something else I like is the Royal court, which is in essence a collection of free HQ choices 0-5 lords or 0-5 crypteks that are very cheap and pretty powerful and act as sergeants for your troops squads of warriors, immortals, deathmarks, etc.

So that’s just a few things on offer oh and I’ll leave you with the overlord piece of wargear I like the most, as for 30 points you get a 1 shot railgun, not bad for popping that pesky land raider on turn 1.

Well that's it, if you don't have the book and want to know something about it, feel free to ask me anything and I'll look it up for you.