Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Dark Eldar Lhamhean done!

Welcome to the Cabal of the Lemon Ninjas....

So wow yeah it’s been a while, yet more slacking off mainly caused by SWTOR beta (which is excellent by the way if you were wondering) has resulted in me not playing 40k or painting any 40k for quite a while.  Well now it’s over and skyrim has a good 100 hours logged against it, I felt it was time for a spot of painting!

When the Lhamhean model came out I snapped it up pretty quickly, it then sat on my desk in the packet until recently when I saw a version of it painted in yellow and was immediately inspired.  Now the problem here if you have never painted yellow before is that painting yellow is extremely hard, it’s a horrible colour that never goes on right, often looks streaky and tends to need several coats.  On the flip side however, when you do get it to work it is amazing.

The unit its self I will never use as an actual Lhamhean as I simply dont like the court, however I do think it makes a nice archon so will get used as that.

So without further babbling, here’s my effort in all its yellow glory, hope you like it as much as I actually enjoyed painting it.

 Lighting went a bit bonkers on these two

The final pic came out just right with regards to how the yellow looks (even the blonde hair doesnt look too bad) and the only thing more annoying than painting yellow is photographing it.

Just want to finish up by linking THIS, it’s a video on a necron army painted by miniwargaming, now the necron content did not interest me however after talking about it, the guy then goes on to a sort of therapy session about why you should love your miniatures and their paint jobs no matter what, ignoring pro painted box art and other people’s work because all it will do if you are an average painter is make you feel depressed and never get anything done, which is exactly what tended to happen to me.  So sir, I salute you, you are 100% right.