Monday, 30 January 2012

My thoughts regarding the LotR month on its way

So unless you have been living under a bridge with no internet for the past weekend, you would have seen that the next major GW release is lord of the rings.  Good for some, fairly boring for the rest of us.

Now I’m not going to hate on it if possible, I have never played it so it would be rude to do that though I do suffer from the attitude of “does anyone even play this? Surely it’s just stealing a 40k slot and is a waste of time, hell its lord of the rings, that’s so like 10 years ago and do it on game of thrones if anything, least that’s current”.


For some though, this is excellent news, a few new models and more importantly what caught my eye is not 1, not 2, but 5 new army books/Codexs.  FIVE, what the hell…..that is all I can think.  As 40k players we get maybe 2, 3 at most per year nevermind in one month then here comes LotR with 5, ok fine, good for them however it does make me wonder, why cant GW do the same with the 40k books that are left clearly needing an upgrade.   

Have to say I don't like this model, but then, cant blame GW they didn't design the watcher

Lets take the current release rumours that are spamming blogs around the world like a plague lately.  First we had tau its on its way, then it was templar are on their way, quickly after was 6th is on its way, oh wait, now we have a rumoured rules leak that sent the community absolutely bonkers as well to read about.  Today I read rumours that none of these will be coming for a while (except 6th which is still in debate, is it fake, is it an early test list etc etc ) and instead next up is dark angels followed by chaos, leading to a chaos vs  dark angels box set. 

This thing is ancient now but many still find it fun to play, plus new rule updates mean certain lists are competitive such as massive terminator squads

I Have to say this is what my money was on a fair while ago.  Marines make GW money, so do chaos, being evil marines and all and loved by many so it makes perfect sense, what makes more cash, tau or chaos? Does not take a genius to work that out, its chaos every time.

So anyway, back to my point, if GW can release LotR 5 codex’s at once, why cant the do the same with 40k, update them all and give people a nice ruleset that is current to play with, if anything this would make them some decent cash, people would buy the old models to play with the rules but also buy other models to make conversions of things that aren’t coming out for ages.

In my perfect world, every codex not updated yet with 6th in mind gets updated right before 6th edition comes out or right after.  Newer 5th ed updates such as space wolves/BA could just get an FAQ in the fantasy style but most important, get the Tau, BT, DA, Orks and Chaos books updated and made competitive again with more than 1 build against the other big boys.

The models can follow later.  Question is now, can you see any issue with this? What drawbacks would there be in releasing them all at once other than not having up to date models for all the sexy new units?