Monday, 6 February 2012

Monday blog pimpage

Monday Blog Pimpage

So, is that even a word? pimpage.  I don't know but I like it, a quick look on urban dictionary says yes and that's the best dictionary there is so it's good enough for me.  Onto the meat then and time for a bit of community love.

Today's Monday Pimpage comes in the form of a shout out to my good friend's blog the cupboard of nurgle that can be found here -

As a blog they're actually relatively new and have recently risen quite quickly in the community, getting over 50 followers in no time at all.  Mainly featuring fantasy stuff lately but there is also 40k as well as some other games in there, fear not those of you not loving the rot of nurgle, the actual content there is rarely nurgle related.

What you can find however is some good hobby articles, mixed with painting article and even the odd battle report when we aren’t all being slack and not having games.

What you can also find there right now is a 50th subscriber competition, so get yourself on there and win yourself the new nurgle chaos lord, 1 of 3 up for grabs and all you have to do to enter is to follow them, painted by the blog writers so you wont even have to paint it yourself.

Link to the contest post is here.

Moving forward I may well intend to make this a regular feature so if you feel your blog should be featured here for some pimpage, drop me an email to or stick a comment below with the URL of your blog and if I get enough interest regular community love will be born!