Monday, 13 February 2012

Welcome to another monday blog pimpage

Welcome one and all to another edition of Monday blog pimpage.  Simply because community love is a good think, this week I bring to you a site that I only recently found but like their work, without further adieu I give you....

Run by Embolden40k (shock horror) the blog has been running since October 2011 and has a fair bit of content, lots of quality battle reports which I found were quite easy to read and well written.  Also you will see tournament reviews in there too as well as unit reviews and some paint work.

One of the main things I liked is he's an eldar player that has stuck with it, which you don't see that much of anymore.  Not only that he does seem to win with them!

So if you are into that kind of thing, get yourself over there and check it out.

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