Thursday, 31 March 2011

Blood Angels Librarian Conversion

So I have attempted it before but it never really worked out all that well.  Now thanks to the grey knights (which my pre-order codex and pack of marines arrived today woo!) I can finally make a half decent plastic librarian. 

I have to say I'm quite happy with how it turned out, the detail on the new grey knights are very nice lots of books and other librariany things plus some huge force swords, this all to a point of barely being able to convert that much of it.  So how do you change a grey knight basic psyker to look less grey knight psyker and more standard librarian and more importantly Blood Angels librarian?

To begin with I used the squad leader who has a bit more detail gave him the long force sword and of course a normal left arm with a blood angels death company bolt gun on it, he has a librarian grey knight shoulder pad with a book on it and a blood angels shoulder pad on the other side, the head is the one that's clearly meant to be used for librarian conversions, combined with the psychic hood type armour is pretty much spot on. 

Finally to seal the deal and make him look nothing like a grey knight he has a jump pack (magnetised, does anyone else always make too much greenstuff??) and will of course be painted blue as is the norm for chapter psykers.

So here it is the finished article, built and ready for painting.

 Fear not interwebs, this big hole has already been greenstuffed!

Now the problem is that I'm not very good at painting blue, have no experience with it at all, anyone got any tips?

Finally, here is the old librarians I tried to convert but was not happy with, personally I think the new one is loads better, next job will be a terminator librarian with storm shield! a more expensive project for sure but should hopefully look great when its done.

I will end by saying, what the hell was the sculptor thinking when he made grey knight storm bolters they are huge!

Angelus Boltguns > Storm Bolters by a country mile.



    for painting blues start with a dark (reagle blue) coat and slowly blend up adding small amounts of white!

    the darker or lighter the base the more 'blue' the fig! oh and dont try to blend with any coulour minus white!



  2. Nice looking conversion there!

    Although he does appear to be swinging his sword and shooting his pistol at the same time a little bit :P but maybe that's just the angle.

    Either way, looking good and excited to see the finished product!

  3. when painting blue, just paint ultramarines blue and highlight with spacewolves/codex grey.

    oh and, wash with 25:75 black ink and water.

    anyway it looks good but i would advise a standard (small flag one) with book painted on, either that or lightning strikes =-]