Friday, 11 May 2012

A change of Base scheme for my Tyranids + newly painted models!

As you may have seen if you are a regular reader here at the 40k project, I recent change the scheme on the base of my dark eldar models, this is mainly due to the new texture base paints by GW that I love, well now it's the turn of the Tyranids to get their own, as I continue to re-base all my armies away from the basic sand and a bit of grass look they bad before.

So for my nids it was a tough call on which base to go with, snow was taken, which didn't leave many options, the one problem with the texture paints is there's not much colour variation with them or enough choice (for example I want a dark red one for my blood angels).  Here was the old scheme, you may have noticed it before on my previously painted nid models -

Hive fleet Kraken at its finest. However the bases drove me nuts.  So after much consideration I ended up picking the mud coloured one called Stirland Mud.  To go with it I got myself some dead grass, you know the stuff, yellow and well, dead looking.  Certainly suits a world having the life ravaged out of it by a Tyranid invasion.

And here is the final thing, what do you think? drab and dark enough to show the ground that would be the battlefield for a mighty swarm? certainly, at least in my opinion a better look that a beach trip which they had before, Tyranid beach holiday is all well and good but the genestealers scare off the local beach babes and the gaunts eat all the ice cream.

After finishing this, it did give me the drive to do more painting, now orks was bad, that endless tide of grey demanding paint, nids are just as bad, gaunts, stealers, hormagaunts, ugh, so many.  However I cracked on with it and here are some pictures of the models I have got finished as well as the rest of the ones I previously had re-based.

Hive Fleet Kraken

I have to say, seeing them all together makes it all worthwhile, there's nothing like a painted army even if it's only a small chunk of one!  Currently on the painting table and coming next is the Hive Tyrant and Tervigon, 2 big monsters needing a fair bit of painting, wish me luck!