Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tyranid Tervigon Complete!

Painting has gone crazy lately, a mate said to me I should rename the blog to the nid project because yes it's yet another finished nid model!  This time it's the big daddy of them all, the huge new Tervigon!  A Gigantic monster, many were shocked at just how big it was when it came out, certainly the first time I put it on the table next to the carnifex model my mate used to use as a tervigon, there was a significant size different.

Along with that came one hell of a big painting job with loads of surface area to cover with paint, definitely not fun to do I can tell you, though a very nice feeling of accomplishment when I applied the grass to the base and it was all done.

So here we have it, hope you like the first Tervigon of Hive fleet Kraken!

But wait! There's more!! Yep its a bonus gargoyle, painted this ages ago but only just got around to adding the finishing touches and finish it off, is now joins the swarm!

Stay tuned for more, sadly the next bunch is probably troops, the depressing bit has arrived, the swarm of gaunts, hormagaunts and stealers, boo! and with Diablo 3 finally out, could be slow going!