Sunday, 13 May 2012

Tyranid Hive Tyrant Complete!

Hey folks, today I bring you a continuation from my last post, more painted Tyranid action in the form of the deadly Hive Tyrant.
You may recall a while back I did a post showing the model built up in a finecast review, well it has been on the painting table for a fair while but I finally got around to finishing it.  The model it's self has magnetised arm sockets to allow for weapon biomorph swapping, so far I just have the basic scything tallons/lash whip and bonesword with a set of devourers, however I have already sourced another set of devourers to be done soon for a dakkarant variant.

So here is a reminder of the mode before painting and now the final thing once done.

Thanks for checking out my Tyrant, a Tyrant guard is already half painted and be coming soon along with the Tervigon which though more work, shouldn't take too long!