Tuesday, 10 July 2012

6th ed Battle Report Blood Angels vs Tyranids

Battle Report Tyranids vs Blood Angels.

So my first practice game of 6th edition! bring it on

The Points: 1750

The lists - BA and Nids
Mission: Big Guns Never Tire

3 Objectives

Deployment: Dawn of War

Terrain: Alternating

Rolled D3 for each board section, was found to be 1 piece of terrain on every section except for 1 that had 3.

Warlord traits:
Nids : Conquer of cities (move through cover and stealth)
BA: Conquer of cities (move through cover and stealth)
(rolling 1's on both sides already!)

First Turn won by: Nid

Nids Deployment

Nids deploy everything except for the Trygon (note I rolled powers for the Broodlord and tyrant from the book of new powers they got -

Broodlord - Telepathy : dominate + psychic shriek
Tyrant - Biomancy: Iron Arm + smite

BA Deployment

Flier stays in reserves as per the rules, terminators and dreadnought on board, half a marine squad with a flamer also stay in reserve to deep strike.

Librarians powers:
Jump librarian - Precognition + Misfortune
Terminator Librarian - Precognition + foreboding

Nid Turn 1

Night fighting is in effect 
Mysterious terrain near the nids are as follows:
Objective 1 - Sabotaged
Objective 2 - Nothing of note

Everything moves up, tervigon takes a perils wound (double 1) putting feel no pain on the tyrant who then flies off going scout hunting It also spawns 9 gaunts but gets a double.  In shooting tyrant casts smite on the scouts but rolls horribly and misses all 4 shots.  A few hive guard get shots off but they are saved by cover saves (which is a point, do hive guard ignore cover saves granted from night fighting? I guessed not out in the open but if they have physical cover between them and the hive guard then it gives its bonus).  Some running is also done.

SABOTAGE! - Objective does not blow up 

Blood Angel Turn 1

Objective 3 -Targeting relay

Marines bound forward, back squad not too far but death company and smaller marine squad move to try and hope for a lucky assault onto the stealers, I don't fancy them charging me at all.  Will take a lucky roll though as they are about 8" away.  Libby casts precognition on himself.  Dev squad targets the hormagants with frag missiles and kills 12 with some fantastic shooting.

Snipers have a go at the tyrant, get 1 hit but don't wound.  I chicken out on the charge against the stealers, I think its just too far so shoot them instead, seems a better option when I remember DC have bolters as well as bolt pistols.  This proves to be effective, killing all but 2 stealers and putting a wound on the broodlord.

The ripper swarm is a broodlord, clearly I need to purchase one

Nid Turn 2

Trygon does not arrive.

Nids move up further, rupture cannon does nothing and misses, hive guard kill 4 marines and the tryant smites another down from behind, picking off the melta gun that was lurkng at the back.

More hive guard shooting see's a death company guy die and oh no the librarian is next in line, annoyingly he rolls a 1 for his look out sir and dies.  Nids pick up the first blood achievement for a VP.  Broodlord unleashes a psychic shriek on the marines and kill 3 of them including the sarg who fails his look out sir roll.

Assaults are declared and the death company blow away 2 of the hormagants about to charge them, there's only 1 left, he aint going to be doing much.  Marines shooting the stealers fail to get any hits in.  Stealers slaughter their target but are going to take a death company shaped beating next turn.  Hormagant fails his charge even with re-rolls 2 then a 4, shocking!

Blood Angels Turn 2

All the Blood angels reserves arrive.

Flamer team land in the nid backfield.  Storm raven moves on, assault squad drops back to try and help shoot down the tryant, that thing is a pain but this turn its eating some serious fire.

Shooting snipers do nothing again, hit once but no wounds.  Storm raven unloads on some hive guard but only manages to kill 1.  Death company blow away 2 of the stealers, only the broodlord remains.  Remaining marines all fail to get a 6 to hit the flyrant.  Dev squad also fail to get any 6's.  Flamer team slaughter some gaunts in the nid backfield next to objective 2.

DC charge the broodlord with their jump packs.  But it makes its saves from 2 hammer attacks that land.  It hits back killing 1, DC then land their blows without even needing the power fist to strike.

Tyranids Turn 3

Trygon arrives, landing in the middle.

Tyrant lands, its marine munching time.  Some nid shuffling goes on.

Shooting tyrant does nothing, tyrannofex tries to shoot down the raven but fails, one hive guard squad blows away the death company.  Other hive guard try their luck also against the raven, taking 2 hull points off it, that was close! Gaunts in the corner unleash on the small flamer squad kill 3 of them, who ever said gaunt shooting was rubbish eh! they also take out the flamer.

One squad of them also charges the marines, their overwatch doing nothing, combat the marines loose by 1, doing no wounds to the gaunts and taking 1 themselves.  The fall back.

Tyrant charges the marines, overwatch does nothing, tyrant challenges the power fist sarg to get it out of the way.  Tyrant fails to hit on its hammer of wrath attack and gets 2 wounds in killing the sarg, 1 FNP saved but not the other.

Blood Angels Turn 3

Raven swoops down and unleashes its cargo, terminators and dreadnought jump out, dread going for the trygon, librarian for the hive guard squad nearby and the terminators for the tervigon.  Devs blow away a hive guard and put a wound on another.  Snipers take a wound off the trygon.  Lone marine moves away from the gaunts chasing him.  Storm Raven shoots the hive guard squad that the devs shot, finishing them off wiping out the squad.

Combat with the librarian (who successfully cast precognition even with shadow in the warp), overwatch misses and he goes in.  Librarian kills a hive guard and wins combat.

Terminators then, tervigon shoot overwatch of its stinger salvo but fails to wound.  Terminators go in and the lightning claws rip up the tervigon, it goes bang to some seriously lucky 6's (takes 4 gaunts with it when it blows).

This is how you roll 6's :)

Dreadnought time, the trygon uses smash and scores a pen, but only rolls a stunned result (which it ignores for being a DC dread).  Dread hits a few times and after all the dust has settled and blood claws finished slashing the Trygon is down to 2 wounds.  In the tyrant battle he challenges the priest who decides not to fight.  Tyrant kills 1 marine and they stay fighting doing nothing back.

Tyranids turn 4

Gaunts fail their synapse and bail into cover, so does the lone hormagaunt, lucky for him he is now out of los of the devastators however not close enough to the objective.  Tyrannofex shoots the storm raven and blows it yet again, no hits, I have no luck with this thing, be better off hitting it!  Gaunts do the unthinkable and kill a TH/SS terminator.  Hive guard turn their attention to the last marine, he needs to die so he wont claim the objective, he goes down hard taking 2 missiles to the face.

Onto combat, Tyrant kills 3 marines leaving just the priest who continue fighting.  Trygon gets 3 smashes in, scoring 2 pens and a glance, the pens do nothing but the dread is out of hull points, its dead and wrecked.  Librarian hits the hive guard but fails to wound, it does nothing back.

Blood Angels turn 4

Storm raven moves to claim objective #3.  Terminators engage the weaker of the 2 gaunt squads on the nid objective, overwatch does nothing and they go in lightning claws slaughtering them all.  Storm raven moves to claim objective #2.  Devs shoot the trygon and blow it away leaving their objective free.  Tyrant kills the priest and the librarian finishes off the hive guard.

Tyranids Turn 5

Hive Tyrant flies over the devs, vector striking on the way and causing 3 deaths.  It then kills 2 more with smite finishing the squad.  Gaunts shoot at the terminators attacking their objective, but saves are made.  Hive guard unleash a volley of fire at the librarian, the hit rolls are awful though and only 1 gets to wound, librarian however rolls a 1 for his armour save and would be instant death killed however the librarian gets re-rolls on armour saves from precognition (which is awesome).

Tryannofex tries his luck, gets a wound on the librarian but its saved, he follows up with a charge onto the librarian who is standing in the way of the objective.  Librarian gets 2 hits but no wounds.  Tryannofex gets 1 hit and 1 wound but it's saved, yeah this combat is going on forever.

Sadly I did not get any pictures of the end part of the game so here's a nice one from earlier

Blood Angels Turn 5

Terminators charge the gaunts, overwatch does nothing to them as no shots hit.  Lightning claws strike getting 6 kills, gaunts hit back doing nothing, thunderhammer strikes and does a further kill.  Gaunts are not fearless any longer though and run from combat towards their board edge but not quite off it.  The libby/fex battle for the ages ends in yet another draw with no wounds taken.

Storm raven shoots the tyrant getting 1 wound but it makes its dodge save.

Game ends.

Victory points totals -

First Blood 1
Objectives 0
Heavy support killed1
Linebreaker 1
Slay the warlord 0

Blood Angels:
First Blood 0
Objectives 3

Heavy support killed 1
Linebreaker 1
Slay the warlord 0

Total Nids 3 vs BA 5 - Blood Angels Victory.

So in conclusion.

A very bloody fight, looked bad for the blood angels about mid game I thought they were getting tabled but re-enforcements managed to do the job and pull back the game.  In hindsight nids should have just killed off the storm raven which got an objective in the end instead of the lone marine.  If the tyrannofex had blown it up like it should have, it wouldn't have been an issue, clearly I think nids were the better side here by far and should it have gone to turn 6, I believe the tyrant would have blown up the storm raven resulting in a 4-2 win.

I learned a lot from this game, as my first try at 6th edition I made a bucket load of mistakes, the DC dread should never have charged the trygon, it should have gone through the building and ripped up the gaunts.  Nids wise even more mistakes were made.  I completely forgot the new rule for this mission that heavy suppose could claim objectives.  The trygon and tyrannofex being hard to kill should have been camping on them or since they were also victory points, should have been targeting them more, concentrating on killing the troops was a 5th ed tactic that didn't apply here as much.

Overall I'm liking 6th, theres some fun new things, the missions I like a lot, loads of ways to score points now all which seem weighted accurately against each other.  Obviously there will be some armies with loads of easy to kill squads and generals that give up easy points but hopefully those armies will have other tools to grab the different sorts of points on offer.