Monday, 16 July 2012

First attempt at a bad moon ork complete

I have always been fascinated with Orks, they are fantastically cool race and very fun to play.  Sadly they do lack in certain areas for actual game play purposes and well lets face it, they are a pain to paint, especially when you might need over 100 of the green skinned suckers.
Still I fancied giving one a go, I've had an ork army for a long while now and they are all grey, unlike most armies I've tried where at least 1 model is painted.  The coolest of all by far is the bad moon clan, richest and yellow, what a better combination do you need.

So here is my first attempt at one, they are a LOAD more work than I had hoped they are, I can understand why many people don't feel they can take on the 100 ork challenge, nevermind all the bikes and other Orky shenanigans.

Sorry there aren't more pictures but lets face it there are only so many ways you can show an ork!
Also yes I know the gun barrel hasn't been drilled out, I don't generally do that, though I do intend to buy a drill and give it a try, plus the base isn't complete, I was eager to get the pics sorted out and forgot, its done now though and doesn't take that much away from or grant much to the ork.