Saturday, 1 September 2012

Care and Feeding of your new Hellbrute

This weekend marks the release of the vengeance box set for Warhammer 40k as many of you will be aware.  The kit which is chaos vs dark angels has some very interesting models in it, interesting in the sense that none of them are directly designed to be used in normal games of Warhammer 40.

Now I don't know about you but I found this very odd, it wouldnt have hurt to have given them a page in the rulebook for non newbie players with the points values and equipment costs but nope, you get what you are given and you damn well like it.  This annoyed me greatly as I'll never use them with just their dark vengeance rules, simply because like all 40k box sets its completely unbalanced towards the marines. WHY GW, could you not have given me points costs so I don't need to wait another month to use them in a game!

I really like the models in this box set, not to mention its very good value for what you get.  They are very very pretty models (even the chaos ones!).  One that stands out is the hell brute, what is essentially just a dreadnought, one of the worst units in the chaos codex now looks utterly amazing.  The cultists are funky and are the models I have wanted since I started playing 40k dreaming of a guard/chaos combination army and well lets face it, the chaos chosen are simply amazing, the level of detail even for push together models is spectacular.

Here is where we reach a slight issue however, though I managed to build the entire chaos force up without a single issue, the hellbrute caused me problems so this is where I toss you a warning.  The leg sides of the hellbrute does not fit right against each other.  That's right it's one of those models that when you push it together it pops out again, be wary though this doesn't always happen right away, it's one of those annoying slow pops.  

 Here you can see where I had to use a rubber band to 
allow the joint to glue without popping open

What you of course have to do is glue it then hold it in place or use a rubber band or clamp to make sure it stays while it sticks, unlike my local GW who unfortunately for them did not notice and as such there is a gaping hole in the side of the leg of their hellbrute (even for chaos this looks awful).

 The side of the leg after being fixed, you can see the seam above 
the guard that initially popped open into a huge gaping hole.

 The new much happier and in one piece hellbrute, fear his awesome model!

So the moral of the story is this, be careful with your hellbrute when putting it together, though the rest of the models go together easily this one can be a bit of a pain.  Then when it is together, put it in a box to slumber until the new chaos codex comes out, as using it in a game is either impossible or horrid due to the current terrible dreadnought rules.

Finally here's the lot, all finished being built in about 1 hour, including the time to mess with the hellbrute.  The dark angels of course rotting in the box on their sprue where they belong, waiting for someone to trade them for some more chaos with!