Friday, 14 September 2012

Next cultist done, Enter the chaos batman!

You are probably wondering what the title is all about, well no, I've not made some crazy conversion of batman out of possessed wings and a grey model with yellow symbol his chest (though now quite wish I had).

I am in fact talking about this guy - 

The chaos cultist squad leader, if you look closely at this face, his mask does not cover his mouth, so looks kinda like batman's.  As such I thought what the hell and I painted my cultist leader's mask grey, no I didn't give him grey and yellow armour however, I think he still looks like he has Batman's mask on.  Anyway enough rambling, here's the pics -

See he totally does

So that's 4 down and loads left to go.  Its going well though, the next one is already 60% done!  Have to say though, looking at them all together, it is kinda strange that cultists don't really have anything in common, I guess I'm just used to seeing 30 boyz who are all identical, or 10 marines, who you can barely tell apart.  I'm not saying its a bad, the variety is wonderful its just... strange.  How do you feel about the cultists?  Would you rather they were like traitor guardsmen and all pretty much the same?

Have a good weekend folks!