Monday, 3 September 2012

First Chaos Cultist finished

The world is in the grips of dark vengeance fever.. ok well maybe not the whole world, probably just a small corner of it, but its our corner and it its a fantastic buzz that's going on lately.  Blogs all over are showing themselves opening the new box set all excited, paint jobs are appearing for the new models and it would be rude not to join in and paint some of these great models myself.

So to begin then I'm starting with a chaos cultist, my favourite chaos cultist mode in fact, I think this one looks awesome. Though I'm not 100% certain yet on which scheme I will use for my chaos army (black legion or a more red based one like worth eaters or the new one made for the actual DV box set).  Cultists however do give you the option to paint them up without really needing much of a scheme as such and well here is my first one done, so opinions? .

Obviously there's only so much you can photograph on a cultist so there's not many pics but I enjoyed painting it so more to come for sure!  Looking around my usual haunts in the blog sphere I've not actually seen many cultists painted, it's mostly the marines, so have you painted one yet if so link me up and show it off!