Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Shut up and take my money! A look at the new chaos units

So it appears it's finally here, curtesy of the fantastic http://natfka.blogspot.co.uk/ who has by far the best leaks and rumors site on the internet, we have the latest WD, complete with new chaos units.

The actual link to the pics is here, they are also below - http://natfka.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/images-from-oct-white-dwarf-helldrake.html

What does this mean? well besides having some fantastic new models to purchase, it does appear we got screwed over a little bit, as from the front of the white dwarf it seems Chaos Space marines are NOT getting a new codex anytime soon.  This is incredibly disappointing news.

I really hope that it's incorrect and one is there also, otherwise not only are all those cultists useless that I bought dark vengeance for, but all the funky new stuff we had rumors of is also not coming, we literally just get a few new units to try and update/balance out the codex a bit.  Now my main issue with this is the daemon one was awful, sure the boost to some existing units was nice (chaos better get this also) but the actual new stuff, though it looked fantastic, was pretty terrible in game.

Either way I guess we will have to take what we can get and well, if in fact we just get a WD update and the next actual codex is DA instead then so be it.

Lets check out the pictures - 

First of all the long known about dragon flier, meant to be a 12/12/?? Flier with a hellcannon (s8 4 shots) and the ability to vector strike, it could be a good unit if the points are right.  As for the model I think its fantastic, yeah it looks a bit like a toy, perhaps the designer spent too much time with his kids in toysRus.  I would have prefered a hell tallon, but its still cool, I'm happy enough with it.

Next up we have the forgefiend - 

I'm in 2 minds about this one, it looks even more like it comes from toysRus to a point where it's odd shape makes me think, angry badger.  Rumored to have 2 hellcannons, I can see it costing a fair few points, though its going to be quite big, as its on a large oval base, expect it to be tyrannofex size.  Will I get one, well yes, fairly likely however it depends on its special rules whether I actually use it as a forgefiend or the other unit in the kit, the maulerfiend -

Now I'm only guessing its going to be in the same kit, but I recon its fairly likely given it looks very much the same as the forgefiend and also on an oval base.  This I guess is the combat variant? looks wise I liked it until i saw the head looked a bit like a skaven, now I just think robo skaven looks even more like a badger.  Sadly I'll probably still buy one.

Next is the warpsmith, this is one model that I probably wont purchase, not unless it's cheesy as hell.  I dont really like this model, there's too much going on by far.  I never much liked techmarines, I like this less.

Lastly there's the warp tallons, now these I love, the models are fantastic, remind me of the guy in the dark vengeance box set only with jump packs.  Course if the unit is just LC jump squad then it might not be that great, but hopefully they will have some new rule crazyness to make them worthwhile as they are beautiful.

That's your lot folks, well unless natfka drops the rest of the WD, which I'm hoping comes soon with the rule page scans etc