Friday, 21 January 2011

Cannis Wolfborn vs Fabius Bile

Today's 40k Character battle matchup is Cannis Wolfborn vs Fabius Bile

Today I bring you the Round 4 fight between Cannis and Fabius who may both sound like Italian Football players (that’s soccer to the Americans out there) but they are actually pretty deadly characters.  Cannis is one character that most space puppy players will know well and probably own a model of given that he had a nice new model with their codex release last year, it’s a great model even if the wolf looks completely deranged.  Cannis has a pair of lightning claws, counter attack, rending and hits on 3’s, whats not to love. 

In the other corner of the ring lurks the crazy Fabius Bile, modifier of chaos space marine who’s model looks like a nice old man with tech marine arms.  In combat Fabius is ok, he has his instant death weapon but its not a power weapon, he’s also got a decent shooting phase but feel no pain wont help him much in this tournament.

Round 1 Cannis Charge

Though Cannis is not jump infantry, he also gains my rule that states because he has a rule that allows greater movement (12” charge) than his opponent, on his charge he gains +2 attacks instead of +1 to show how more likely it is for him to be the one doing the charging.  This gives Cannis a monster 8 attacks on the charge, He hits 5 times and wounds 4 times, with no inv save, Fabius goes splat.

Round 2 Fabius Charge

Fabius gets a nice round of shooting with an AP3 weapon and correct me if im wrong but Cannis does not have an inv save either, as such Fabius hits 3 times and wounds twice, taking 2 wounds from Cannis.  In combat Cannis goes first with 7 (cheeky cheesy cheating counter attack) attacks.  He hits and wounds 3 times and Fabius is dead.

So that’s it, Cannis utterly slaughters Fabius without really blinking, expected? Well yes, Fabius may only be 45 points less but he’s from an older codex and his main ability is really to buff chaos space marines around him than be a combat monster.

So this gives us our first 3 winners for this round, Astaroth goes into the higher points bracket as the highest point value winner of the lower league (due to uneven numbers in each league, to fight the lowest point winner of  their round 1 fights).

Next we have Lysander vs Kharne, the winner of which will face today’s champion, Cannis Wolfborn.