Friday, 28 January 2011

Battle of ‘Iron hand’ Straken vs Kharne the Betrayer

Onto the first match up of the Normal Characters league we have ‘Iron hand’ Straken vs Kharne the Betrayer.

Straken is powerful and has a big fat meat shield, question is does Kharne have enough attacks to rip through it…

Straken vs Kharne

Starting with Straken then, his shooting gets a miss from a plasma pistol, Kharne hits, wounds and kills a bodyguard with his plasma pistol.  Onto combat Kharne goes first with 7 attacks, he hits 6 times and wounds 6 times, so that’s a wound for everyone killing all of Straken’s bodyguards in one go and himself taking a wound leaving him with 2 wounds, it’s a brutal first strike! Straken hits back with 5 attacks getting 3 hits and 3 wounds, Kharne saves 2 of them and takes a wound leaving him on 2 also.

Second round and 6 attacks from Kharne results in 5 hits, 3 wounds and rivers running with blood (for the blood god) guardsmen bits all around and it looks like a scene from kill bill, Kharne takes the points.

Game 2 we have for you Eldrad vs Sicarius

Eldrad of the elder taking on Sicarius of the smurfs, both knocked out decent opponents in the last round but both took 3 rounds to do it.  Will be interesting to see how this goes in a 1 round fight.

Eldrad vs Sicarius

Starting with Eldrad, he starts with 2 mind war and a fortune as before.  First war goes off, but both roll a 3, second roll Eldrad wins by 1 but the inv save is passed.  Onto combat then and they are both I5 so strike at the same time.  Starting with Eldrad who gets 2 attacks, he hits twice and wounds once, the inv save is made however.  Sicarius has 5 attacks, he hits with 3 and wounds with 2, both are saved first time. 

Second round Eldrad gets 1 hit and 1 wound which the save for is failed, leaving Sicarius on 1 wound.  Hits back he gets 3 hits and 2 wounds, both are saved by Eldrad.

Round 3 we see 1 hit and 1 wound from Eldrad, the save is failed and Sicarius drops to the ground, before he does though he manages 4 hits and 2 wounds, both of which are saved first time.

Eldrad takes the points here in a resounding victory.

Game 3 and our final for the day we bring you Cannis vs Vulkan.

Two very strong marines who both won in 2 rounds last time around.  This could go either way.

Cannis vs Vulkan

Starting with Vulkan as Cannis has no shooting, he shoots and misses, into combat with both striking at the same time I5 we will work out Cannis first, he has 8 attacks on the charge with his mount bonus and scores 5 hits followed by 5 wounds, Vulkan then saves 4 of them putting him on 2 wounds.

Now with 6 attacks, Cannis scores 4 hits and 4 wounds, Vulkan fails 2 saves and dies, before he does he rolls and fails to hit with all his attacks, Cannis slaughters Vulkan showing what a monster in combat he is and takes the points.

So that’s it, do you prefer this quicker multi game league format or the previous knockout style matches, either way, more games to come!