Monday, 24 January 2011

Darnath Lysander vs Kharne the Betrayer.

Today Brings you Darnath Lysander vs Kharne the Betrayer.

Another one that should be all over in seconds, sadly Kharne on paper it would seem simply doesn’t have the slightest chance against the extremely powerful Lysander, on his charge, with a bit of luck maybe, but I think personally its safe to say most bookies would put this as a 1 horse race.  Kharne the best buddy of the almighty Khorne and is really in essence just a super nasty Khorne berserker, nothing more, he’s pretty killy but in actual games quite often kills his own troops.  I personally used to use him in lists quite a few times back in my chaos days but got sick of the poor invulnerable save combined with t4 instakills.  Gorechild may be the only chance he has in the fight.  Lysander on the other hand is extremely powerful and very defensive with it, s10 Thunderhammer and Stormshield? Yes please.

Lysander vs Kharne 40k Character Battle round 4

Lysander Charge

Lysander has no gun and goes last in combat so in however many rounds this goes on for, he will go last.  So to begin, Kharne receives the charge and hits with 6 attacks, Hits 5 times, wounds 4 times, in a bit of a shocker, Lysander takes 2 wounds from this.  Hitting back Lysander has 4 attacks and misses with all 4 of them! Upset on the cards? Possibly! I have double checked and Lysander isn’t fearless so instead he passes a morale test.

Round 2 Kharne goes again getting 6 hits and 4 wounds (I love 2’s to hit) Lysander then rolls his saves and fails 2 of them, he’s dead and its over, big shock for me though to be fair to Kharne I had completely forgotten how many attacks the guy gets.

Kharne Charge

Kharne has a plasma pistol so shoots that first, hits, wounds and Lysander fails his save and is down to 3 wounds, Kharne then gets 7 attacks on the charge he hits 5 times and wounds 5 times Lysander then fails 3 saves and dies.  Only 1 thing can be said about this BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!! :D  Kharne shines though to the next round wearing Lysander as a hat, doing a little dance while riding his storm shield as a surfboard.  In conclusion I completely under estimated Kharne, these days 3++ is raved about so much that its often easy to fall into its hype when if its coming down to massive numbers of dice, even a 3+ save wont keep you alive (though Lysander was pretty unlucky with those saves).

On an unrelated note got some actual painting done for the first time in ages last night, only a melta assault marine but its progress so more news on that when its done!  I'll leave you with this thought .....