Saturday, 29 January 2011

Straken vs Vulkan He'stan + todays other battles

Our next 3 match’s for the normal’s league will see Straken vs Vulkan, Eldrad vs Kharne and Cannis vs Sicarius. 

First up we have ‘Iron hand’ Straken vs Vulkan He’stan, Both losers in their first games and looking for their first points.

Straken vs Vulkan

Starting with Straken’s shooting his lads shoot 2 pistols, they both miss, Straken hits and wounds, but its saved, in shooting Vulkan misses.  Onto combat and Vulcan goes first with 4 attacks, he hits 4 times and wounds 4 times, leaving just Straken and 2 vets.  Vets score 1 hit and 1 wound, its saved, Straken then hits 4 times and wounds 3 times, Vulkan takes 1 wound.  All fearless wounds are saved from losing combat.

Next round Vulkan hits twice and wounds twice, finishing off both remaining vets.  In return Straken hits and wounds twice, however with snake eyes both saves are failed and Vulkan dies.  Straken gets his first points on the board.

Next up we have Eldrad vs Kharne, both deadly opponents that won in the last round, lets see how they fare up against each other.

Eldrad vs Kharne

Eldrad first, with Kharne being immune to mind war and any other psychic powers simply goes for a fortune which is cast fine, thinking its more than enough to beat Kharne! he goes into combat.  Kharne shoots with his plasma pistol, he hits, wounds and Eldrad rolls a 1 for his save, then re-rolls and scores a 1 again!! He takes a wound leaving him on 2.  Kharne now goes first as he has I6 on the charge, 7 attacks hitting and wounding on 2’s he rolls and hits 7 times, he then wounds 6 times, the saves are made…. 2 fail the first time but are passed the second, seems Kharne could be foiled by eldar trickery however Eldrad then rolls no hits and the round is over.

Second round they now both strike at once, Eldrad gets 1 hit and 1 wound, the save is failed and Kharne is on 2 wounds, in reply we see 4 hits and 3 wounds but again eldar trickery saves all 3 the second time around.  Fearless wound is saved.

Round 3 and its no hits again for Eldrad, Kharne gets 3 hits and 3 wounds, 2 are failed the first time but passed the second, yet another round of trickery drags this out to….

Round 4, Eldrad gets 2 hits, 1 wound and the save is failed, that puts Kharne at 1 wound now vs Eldrad on 2.  Kharne scores 4 hits and 3 wounds, they are all saved the first time, Fearless wound is saved.

Round 5 and Eldrad gets 1 hit and 1 wound, the save is failed and Kharne dies, in reply Kharne rolls 5 hits and 3 wounds, 2 get through but are both saved by more trickery meaning Eldrad wins and takes the points taking him top of the league.

Finally we have Cannis vs Sicarius, Personally my money is on a Cannis slaughter but lets see!

Cannis vs Sicarius

Starting shooting and Sicarius hits wounds and the save is failed, starting Cannis on 2 wounds.  Both guys to at the same time, Cannis first gets 5 hits and 5 wounds, only 1 is saved and Sicarius goes down like a cheap whore.  In return he hits 3 times but does not wound.  As expected Cannis makes easy work of the Smurf captain and takes the points.

So that’s the end of the second 3 matches.  Next round we will see Straken vs Sicarius, Eldrad vs Vulkan and Cannis vs Kharne.  Predictions?