Thursday, 27 January 2011

Blood Angel Sargeant

So taking a break today from the Character Battle and did some rare painting, as I have now finished actually kit bashing and building my Blood Angels its time to begin the painful process of painting them..

Currently my main list is all either all jumpers with no armour at all or a combination of jumpers and missile dev's.  As such we have guy #2 from my army who's a power fist sargeant with melta pistol, I also have 3 others built and a couple with hand flamers also.  All have magnetised backpacks in case I want to put them im razorbacks.

If you want to see guy #1 my priest you can find him HERE, other than that here's the sarg, please feel free to comment as all is welcome and i know my painting could do with alot of improvement, any tips are useful.

For those of you that are interested in the character battle it will continue tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!