Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Battle of the Captains, Sicarius vs Death Company Tycho

Round 6 Brings us Captain Sicarius vs Death Company Tycho.

So here we have the battle of the captains, though technically in this form Tycho has lost his rank, he still has similar stats if not slightly buffed from being insane.  Sicarius, who is far saner, is more points but doesn’t seem to me to be as good, his weapon is capable of either normal attacks or one big s6 smack to the face, unfortunately against Tycho he’s only hitting on 4’s.  Tycho does also have an extra similar advantage of his combi-melta ‘blood song’ with a bit of luck he can win this in one shot.

Sicarius vs DC Tycho

Sicarius Charge

Sicarius begins with a bolt pistol shot and then has 5 attacks on the charge at I5, hitting on 4’s and wounding on 4’s.  So he shoots, hits, wounds and Tycho rolls 1, putting him down to 2 wounds.  In combat he hits 3 times and wounds once (out of interest I rolled a dice to see what would happen if I did the super attack, he missed) the wound save was failed putting Tycho on 1 wound.  Since they are both I5 at this point Tycho also strikes, hits 4 times and wounds twice, Sicarius passes both inv saves.  Death company Tycho is fearless and rolls 1 save, unfortunately it’s a 1! He also then fails his Feel no pain and he dies so round 1 to the smurfs.

Tycho Charge.

Tycho shoots his melta on charging first of all then goes in with 6 attacks at I6.  Shooting he hits, wounds but again, Sicarius makes his inv save.  In combat he gets 5 hits and 4 wounds, for a change and a bit of a shock, Sicarius’s luck doesn’t hold and he fails 3 saves, dying in the process.

Final round both charge

Sicarius shoots his pistol it hits wounds but the shot is saved, Tycho shoots and hits but does not wound.  In combat Tycho goes first due to I6, he hits 6 times and wounds 4 times however with 3 6’s and a 5, all wounds are saved, the luck returns!  Sicarius hits 4 times and wounds 3 times, 1 save is failed, putting Tycho on 2 wounds.  He then passes his fearless save.

Next round they fight at the same time, Tycho hits 5 times but only wounds once, the save is made also.  Sicarius hits 4 times, wounds 3 times and with 3 2’s Tycho dies, its all over and with some amazing luck, Sicarius wins against the odds!

This now leaves us with our final match in the first group, next time we will see Space Marine favorite Vulkan vs Yarrick.


  1. Doesn't sicarius have a Plasma Pistol? (not that it mattered anyway, but hey just sayin')
    Love this series btw.

  2. Yes it appears he does, sorry about that! I think i missed it because its not in his profile page but only listed on his wargear in the back, noted though for future rounds! Glad your enjoying the battles :)