Monday, 31 January 2011

Round 3 Character battle Cannis vs Kharne

Onto stage 3 of the standard point character league and the next 3 match ups are Straken vs Sicarius, Eldrad vs Vulkan and Cannis vs Kharne.

So to begin with we have ‘Iron hand’ Straken vs Sicarius.  The Ultrasmurfs captain hasn’t been doing too well lately rocking a solid 0 points, personally I think it will still be the same after this battle.  Has anyone actually ever used him in a list? I think if I played vanilla I wouldn’t go near him.

Straken vs Sicarius

Off we go then, Straken’s boys shooting get 2 hits 1 wound and its saved, Straken hits, wounds and the save is failed.  Sicarius hits, wounds and kills a veteran.  In combat Sicarius hits 3 times and kills 2 veterans. Straken’s boys get 2 hits and 1 wound, its saved.  Straken gets 3 hits and 2 wounds, 1 is saved the other is not, leaving Sicarius winning by 1, killing the last veteran. 

Next round Sicarius hits 4 times and wounds twice, killing the remaining bodyguards.  In reply we see 4 hits from Straken and 3 wounds, however Sicarius’s inv save gets them all.  Fearless saves are made ok.

Third round Sicarius hits twice and wounds twice, taking 2 wounds off Straken, now on his own Straken hits back doing 3 hits and 2 wounds, both are saved, fearless saves are passed and this round leaves Straken on 1 wound and Sicarius on 2.

Fourth round Sicarius hits once but does not wound, Straken hits 3 times and wounds twice, taking 1 wound from Sicarius the other saved.  He passes his LD test.

Fifth round and they are both on 1 wound, who will fall first.  Sicarius hits twice and does 2 wounds to Straken, that’s him dead and its over in what I personally think is a bit of a shock result.  Sicarius takes the points with the help of a healthy pile of invulnerable saves.

The next of todays games is Eldrad vs Vulkan.  After the fail of a prediction that was the first game I don’t think I’ll bother this time around….. ok I will, my money is on the Eldar wizard winning after a long drawn out battle, I cant see past his inv save, re-rollable 3++ is just filth.

Eldrad vs Vulkan. 

Eldrad begins with a fortune and then 2x mind wars, both are ineffective (insert magicarp splash joke here) and do nothing with Eldrad rolling 1’s.  In shooting Vulkan hits but does not wound.  Into combat then and Eldrad hits once, wounds once but its saved by Vulkan.  In reply Vulkan hits twice and wounds twice but both are saved.

Second round and the battle of the 3++ continues, a hit and a wound from Eldrad, the save is failed putting Vulkan down to 2, in reply Vulkan hits twice and wounds twice, both are saved first time, LD test is passed.

Round 3, Eldrad misses, Vulkan hits twice and wounds twice but both are saved, the seemingly endless fight continues. 

Round 4 Eldrad hits and wounds and the save is failed, leaving Vulkan on 1 wound, he hits back doing 0 hits! He then passes his ld test.

Round 5 Eldrad does nothing but Vulkan takes a wound off Eldrad putting him on 2, the next 4 rounds (yes FOUR) nothing at all happens, they bounce off each others inv save or miss in general until Vulkan finally finishes it, getting past Eldrad’s save on what would have been turn 10.

So in this one Eldrad let himself down with bad hitting, really 1 attack just doesn’t always cut it, especially with an opponent who has a 3++ himself and 2 more attacks.

Final game and the main even, a fight that promises a much faster fight than the last 2 is Cannis vs Kharne.  Very hard hitters with lots of attacks, personally I have a soft spot for Kharne so would love him to win but its hard to see Cannis losing with the number of attacks and toughness he has, never the less though, on the charge, Kharne does go first and Cannis has no invulnerable save.

Cannis vs Kharne

With Cannis having no shooting, Kharne goes first, he hits but does not wound.  In combat Kharne hits 6 times, he then wounds 4 times, this one is over barely before its began.  Out of interest to see what happens, I rolled Cannis’s attacks and he didn’t hit well, scoring only 4 hits and 3 wounds, one of which was saved, leaving Kharne on 1 wound, should he have been striking at the same time.   

Kharne takes the points and there’s a fair bit of blood for the blood god oh yes indeed.

P W L Points
Eldrad 3 2 1 6
Cannis 3 2 1 6
Kharne 3 2 1 6
Straken 3 1 2 3
Sicarius 3 1 2 3
Vulkan 3 1 2 3