Thursday, 20 January 2011

40k Battle, Eldrad takes on Seth

So fight 3 we see Eldrad of the Eldar take on Seth of the Blood Angels....

Here we have the third match up in our battle of the lower point characters, Eldrad Ulthran who is banned from every casino in the land vs the chapter master of the Flesh Tearers, Gabriel Seth.  Eldrad with his eldar trickery and magic vs the pure massive chainsword of doom.  Here we go!

Eldrad vs Seth

Eldrad Charge

Eldrad attacks with psychic powers, when not in combat he can cast 3 per player turn and one of them can be the same as one previously cast.  As such I have decided he will cast mind war twice and then fortune to protect himself in combat when he gets into it.   Eldrad begins by passing his first psychic test and then rolls a 3, adding to his leadership of 10 giving him a score of 13, in defence Seth, also LD10 rolls a 3 so nothing happens.  He tries again, this time rolling a 2, Seth rolls a 1 and  fails his save, they go into combat.

Eldrad has 2 attacks, hits on 4’s and wounds on 2’s, they both strike at the same time however.  With Eldrad’s attacks he hits and wounds once, Seth fails his save and takes a wound, in return seth has 4 attacks, needing 3’s to hit and 2’s to wound with a possible instakill from his s8 chainsword.  He rolls 3 hits and 3 wounds getting no rending, not that it matters as Eldrad has only his 3+ re-rollable inv save.  He makes all 3 saves without needing the re-roll.  Seth pass’s his morale test.

Next round Eldrad begins with hitting, then wounding however seth saves the wound, in return seth hits 3 times and wounds 3 times, Eldrad fails 2 but then passes them the second time around.

Third round and you cant help but feel this could go on for a while, Eldrad gets off his fortune again and a doom for good measure. (not 100% certain if he can do this while in combat but a brief look on the internet suggests he probably can since its not a shooting attack, either way im allowing it.)  Eldrad then hits and wounds again and this time seth fails his save, going down to 2 wounds.  Seth in return scores 1 hit and 1 wound, its easily saved by the master of foresight.  Seth passes his ld test.

Fourth round Eldrad scores a hit and a wound with another failed save from Seth bringing him down to 1 wound.  In reply we see 3 hits and 3 wounds, they are all saved by Eldrad’s inv save.  Seth passes his ld test.

Fifth round and things drag on! Psychic tests passed, though Eldrad misses and Seth hits 3 times and wounds twice, Eldrad passes both saves first time.

Onto round six, Eldrad hits, wounds and seth fails his save, he’s dead unless he can tie with an instakill, he hits 3 times, wounds 3 times but again all 3 saves are made.  Eldrad wins round 1.

Seth Charge

Seth needs to wrap this up nice and quick, with no re-roll this time for the first round he has to hit hard and fast to finish it before being worn down.  Seth charges in (missing with his bolt pistol on the way) and does 5 hits followed by 4 wounds, Eldrad passes 3 of them and is killed, nothing he can do in return can help him here.

Final round both charge.

Eldrad begins with mind war number 1, they both roll a 3.  Mind war number 2, Eldrad rolls a 6 and seth rolls a 1! Taking 3 wounds off seth after saves, he charges in and misses twice.  In return Seth hits and wounds with his pistol but its saved.  In combat we have 3 hits and 3 wounds but all are saved first time. 

Second round Eldrad scores a hit and a wound which the save is failed for, Seth is dead but what can he do on his way down, 3 hits, 1 wound and its saved.  Eldrad wins.

Well its all over and Eldrad certainly saw this all coming, did you?

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  1. Just to note, was raised that seth is fearless, fortunately since it didnt make much difference and Eldrad still won, no-thing will be replayed.