Friday, 4 March 2011

40k Battle report 2v2 1750 each

So this is a re-play of a similar game last week, 2 v 2 Orks and Eldar vs Blood Angels and Tau, we had the same lists as before (as below) but the other players had improved theirs to try and do better this time around.

The rough lists -


2 Librarians (shield and rage)

2 Jump Priests with power weapons

10 Man Assault squad with melta guns and PF
10 Man Assault squad with Flamers and PF
6 Man Death Company + Lemartes
Death Company Dreadnought

Storm Raven
Dev Squad 4 ML
Dev Squad 4 ML

Crisis Suit commander + bodyguard

3 Crisis Suit team with 1 shield drone
3 Crisis Suit team with 1 shield drone
3 Crisis Suit team with 1 shield drone

10 Kroot Squad with 10 hounds
10 Kroot Squad with 10 hounds

5 pathfinders with markerlights

2 Railguns suits with 2 shield drones
2 Railguns suits with 2 shield drones


Ghazghkull Thraka
Mad doc Grotsnik

20 boyz with cybork
20 boyz
5 Nobz with big choppaz

5 Deffkoptas with buzzsaws + plasma gun type weapons

2 grot missile launcher teams
3 Killakans

Farseer + warlock

5 Dark Reapers
5 Harlequins

10 Wraithguard
10 Rangers

3 Warwalkers (scatter lasers + Brightlance)

We rolled and got pitched battle then seize ground with 3 markers (signified by red poker chips).  BA won the roll to go first and deployed first to try and alpha strike but orks seized the initiative.

Deployment and units as follows -
We deployed first and took up long range fire positions covering the whole battlefield with railguns and missile launchers.  Koptas scout moved and we prepared our turn however as previously stated, a 6 was rolled and we lost first turn leading to a major battering.

This is the end of player turn 1, red arrows showing where units moved from, if you note those spaces that were once filled with red those are my dead devastators, middle squad was wiped out by war walker fie and right side squad was half killed by dark reapers.  Koptas killed 1 shield drone to the left side.

This is the end of player 2 turn 1, essentially nothing happened, railgun shooting was ineffective, remaining missiles missed.

End of Player 1 turn 2 and all Eldar and Ork forces continue to move forward as above, dark reaper shooting is ineffective but killed 1 devastator leaving 1 missile left and koptas on the left kill a battlesuit forcing the remaining one to flee.

End of Player 2 turn 2, Blood Angels arrive, storm raven moves up and kills a Kan, one looses its grotzooka.  Death company deploy and so does the dreadnought which kills the battlewagon, the death company foolishly charge the orks inside and butcher them but then consolidate towards the avatar and sheer doom.  Kroot Arrive from reserve on both sides, right side shooting the dark reapers and killing all but 1, left side ones charge and kill the harlequins.

Jump troops with flamers land beside the rangers and flame them all dead, Jump troops with melta guns land and blow up 2 war walkers.  2 deffkoptas are killed.

Player 1 turn 3 ended with wraithguard movng back towards the eldar lines and orks retreating also to charge the blood angel squad there locking in combat and doing little casualties either side.  War walker shot some kroot and moved slightly forward.  Ork player forgot to move or shoot his koptas and ghazkul and the nobs waaaghed and charged then killed the Crisis suit commander.  Avatar and farseer charged and killed the death company, leaving only lemartes, war walker retreated to deal with the kroot at the back.  Grots killed a few kroot.

Player 2 turn 3 ended like this, kroot on the left moved in, storm raven had moved to the side and fired at the wraithguard killing a few, crisis suits came in and killed some also, blood angels charged the rest and finished them off.  Combat at the top carried on with both sides losing a few.  Dreadnought charges in to help lemartes since there is nothing else around but the farseer passes all its inv save re-rolls.  Lemartes does nothing and dies.  Kroot on the right kill the remaining Dark reaper and move in.

1-4 and this picture is a bit of photo shop unfortunately I forgot to take one so had to butcher it together, essentially what happened is - Storm raven is killed by the 2 kans, warlock kills the dreadnought but the dread also kills the farseer before he goes down.  Koptas abandon their mission to kill the broadside and go after the suits in the middle, killing one.  BA loose combat at the top and flee away from the remaining few orks.  Warwalker kills some kroot.  Wraithlord flamers and kills some kroot on the right.  Nobs and thraka move back towards the middle of the board.

Player 2 turn 4 ended like this, more suits came in but didn't do much, blood angels rally and flamer death the squad it broke from previously, remaining warwalker is killed, kroot on both sides advance in the middle.  The devil fish now full of fire warriors from reserve moves onto the left side objective (see it was there afterall).

Player 1 turn 5 ended as above, nobs moved again trying to get to the bottom objective and back into he fight a can moved left and tried to kill some suits but failed.  Avatar moved with the warlock towards the suits on the right, but they passed all their cover saves.  Also tried to deploy a ghost it seems but it failed to come on.

Last lot of suits arrive from DS and with the others just kill a few orks, last can is killed by a railgun and avatar is killed by a missile and railgun fire.  Koptas are killed by kroot helping out the suits and nothing else really happens.

And here as they say is the 'money shot' gamed ended on turn 5, for the best for the orks really since they could have been tabled should it go on any longer.  BA/TAU win 3 objectives to 1.