Monday, 14 March 2011

RIP Daemons

I never had the biggest Chaos Daemons army.  Only 20 or so blood letters and the same number of plaguebearers, 6 flamers and some pink horrors plus daemonettes thrown in.  Combined with the daemon princes of my chaos space marines army and a great unclean one/blood thirster I got off ebay, it spend most games with counts as units standing in as fiends and such that I could never be bothered to buy.....

Now unless you have been living in a cave or under a rock for the past few months you will no doubt be away of the upcoming release of grey knights, an army reputed to be incredibly elite and extremely powerful, the fluff for this army Games Workshop says  is that the grey knights job is to beat down daemons.  Not orks, who cares about orks, not eldar, who cares about eldar but Daemons, the biggest threat to the Imperium in existance.

 Call me crazy however but I never thought Daemons was all that good an army to begin with, so bringing out Grey knights in their new ultra cheese form against poor old daemons just doesn't seem fair somehow.  I personally believe that they should now re-do the daemons book to even the odds a bit, (oh and sort out the stupid demonic deployment rules which combined with what I believe is the worst rule in the 40k 5th ed book 'deep strike mishap') sure some books need it more, god knows necrons are screaming out for a new codex and an updated chaos one would be cool too (a tau one couldn't hurt either even though I think they are pretty good as it is if not a bit limited on choice).

Ok, so its not going to happen, but how about a PDF update like most marines got, slapping a few rules around to at least give them a fighting chance??  Due to all this my Daemons are now going into retirement to be brought out when they actually have a hope in hell of actually winning a battle with grey knights players around.  

To say goodbye I'm also posting up a few pics of my favourite painted models, the blood letters especially who now fairly old (did them about a year ago) I think they were pretty decent, especially the swords and the custom skull bases which I liked allot, hope you enjoy!

Rest in Peace fellas, hope to see you all return from the warp one day as you are a super cool army and pretty fun to play when not being dicked over by mishaps :)