Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Nightbringer vs The Swarmlord + Abbadon vs Calgar

Today’s penultimate games first of all feature The Nightbringer vs the Swarmlord.  Neither one of these combatants mess around and there is a fair chance the Swarmlord may well instant death kill the Nightbringer if he gets a wound through.

So to begin, I think this will be over in seconds, Swarmy is on a whole other level to the nightbringer, a new breed of super cheesy characters and theres no way he's going to fail here....

The Nightbringer vs the Swarmlord

Nightbringer fire’s his lascannon equivalent but it misses, Swarmy casts his powers, and fails fear but get paroxysm off.  Into combat they go, swarmy going first and hitting 5 times then wounding once, its enough though and the save is failed leaving the Nightbringer dead.  So this one is over fast with the C’tan having no defence against Swarmy’s bonesabres.

The next game today which hopefully should last a little longer is Abbadon vs Calgar.  Good vs evil again this time the flavour is chaosy and the ultra cheese of the chosen one himself.  Can Calgar come out on top here? Well its unlikely isn’t it, lets face it, if he wins I’ll probably die of shock.

Abbadon vs Calgar

Abbadon shoots and and hits but does not wound, Calgar shoots but also fails to wound, re-rolls though and gets 1 wound but its saved.  Daemon weapon scores a 3 and Abbadon ends up with 6 hits, which become 6 wounds, 4 are saved though by the luckiest halo in the Imperium leaving Calgar on 2 wounds.  Calgar hits twice and wounds twice but both are saved I like to think with the help of Tzeentch himself.  Tests are passed.

Second round and Abbadon rolls 5 for his daemon weapon and Calgar cries, he hits 7 times and wounds 7 times, Calgar cries again as its time for him to start knowing fear, 4 failed saves and a daemon weapon imbedded in his skull however don’t give him the chance though this one is over.

So we are onto the final round of games, next time we will see Abbadon and the Swarmlord plus the Nightbringer fighting the Sanguinor.  Predictions anyone?