Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Incomming Grey Knights, Full Pictures at last!

So they are finally here on advance order and look fantastic as expected, I can see games workshop selling a fair few of these models just to be painted, converted and kitbashed nevermind for thier ultra cheesy new codex which will sell them in truck loads.  Pictures after the jump!

So far many have already seen the cover as it was leaked yesterday and which looks as follows -

However these are the first real clean pictures of the units in advance orders themselves

Dreadknight in all its glory, £33

Standard grey knights 

What appears to be a purgatron squad

The lovely new terminators, £27.70 a box

And finally the lord they are releasing with this launch, the detail on this is amazing, check out the face, never seen a sculpt like it.

Then we have the getting started pics,  the full article can be found here.  First up we have -

Nice overall battle scene


So a nice pile of pics there with the action shots, what im sure most people will be interested in is the clearer view of the Dreadknight, here's its fluff -

One Man Army
If the Grey Knights are too few in number to fight a particularly large and powerful Daemon of the Warp without suffering heavy losses, then they will look to a Nemesis Dreadknight to even the odds. The pilot's Dark Excommunication psychic power can temporarily nullify his target's Daemonic Gifts, allowing him to strike the killing blow whilst his opponent is vulnerable. Its powerful weaponry will happily tear through any enemy army, both at range and in assault. As a 4-Wound Monstrous Creature with the same save as a Terminator armour, the Nemesis Dreadknight's adamantium-alloy skeleton also lends it incredible durability.

Sounds pretty cheesy to me, force weapons that ignore eternal warrior? piss right off, 2+ 4 wound, god knows what its toughness is but probably 8 or something equally cheeky.  Not 100% sure about the model itsself though, I mean its just the walker off Aliens with a massive force halberd surely.

We also have confirmation that pilots of tanks get the ability to cast fortitude, that gives them essentially demonic posession (ignores 1+2 result on vehicle damage table). 

So overall they look fantastic I have to say!