Monday, 7 March 2011

BA Custom Devastator Sergeant

Recent I have started including Missile Devastator's in my BA DOA list, as a rear support firebase. They have done fairly well most of the time too either drawing fire away from the troops that fly in later or just nuking the hell out of things, sure sometimes they die but for their bargain price they have made it into my list to the point where the deserve to be painted.

Now, getting Devastator's isn't easy, games workshop loves to sell you a pack of them with heavy weapons galore except there's only 1 Missile launcher in the damn thing, nice if you want plasma cannon devs, not so nice if you want missile launcher devs as most people do.  As such it took some searching on ebay but I at last got 4 of them together to make squad #1.  Problem with this is that you don't have a sarg, since for that you need the official squad pack, so I made and converted my own.

Most Sargent's have their face out but I hate painting faces and so he got a helmet, so what else do they have, well a signum, no idea what that looks like, I'm guessing its the big thing on their backpack and I don't have one of those so I thought lets just give him the little gizmo scanner thing and it seemed to work ok.  Throw in a Blood Angels shoulder pad and away we go, here's the final result.

Note, for some reason the center bird thing and skull in the middle looks terrible on the photo's, in reality it looks fine but by some strange twist of camera related fate, in the shots it looks dire, so please, ignore that bit.

And here's the rest of his squad, taking their place on the painting pile, the far right guy as you can see has already been started.  All have been given BA shoulder pads so are uniform to the rest of my army and sure, wont win any golden daemons but is more than good enough for tabletop I feel.  What's most important is they are getting done!