Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Sanguinor takes on Dread Knights!

With the release of the GK coded on the horizon it was requested that our character battle champion the Sanguinor takes on a few more of the grey knight’s big nasties.  With him having already slaughtered the best of their HQ, the only thing left really are the various ultra cheese units available, Dread Knight was asked for so here it is.

With this usually being a battle of characters it’s hard to do it with anything else, what wargear would you choose on units how many would you take with things that can take different numbers of models etc.  To fight The Sanguinor against a Dread Knight I did it the only way I think fair points wise, instead of upgrading one, he will try and fight 2 at once with their basic wargear.  They dont need to cast hammerhand as they already wound on 2's so didn't bother.

Sanguinor Strikes first in combat getting 5 hits then 4 wounds, 2 are failed wounding the first knight.  Both hit back scoring 4 hits and 4 wounds total, 1 is failed.  LD test is passed.

Round 2 Sanguinor hits this time with 4 hits, only 1 wounds however as he’s now on 5’s but it gets through leaving the first knight on 1 wound.  The knights hit 4 times between them in reply but all are saved.

Round 3 Sanguinor hits only twice and does not wound.  Knights hit 3 times and wound twice but both are saved, his inv save is keeping him in this.

Round 4 Sanguinor hits 4 times and wounds twice, 1 wound gets through killing the first knight.  The other in reply hits twice and wounds twice, bringing the Sanguinor down to 1 wound, its looking grim.

Round 5 and the Sanguinor hits 4 times but only wounds once, taking a wound from the knight who hits back with 1 hit and 1 wound, save is failed though and its over.

So it’s a decent effort but the Dread Knights kill the Sanguinor over 5 turns which was probably expected, without his re-rolls s5 just isn’t enough to be taking down monstrous creatures this powerful when in pairs at equal points.

Would you have done this any different? Maybe 1 on 1 and give it a load of weapon upgrades?


  1. Gotta say loving this VS articles. Do you theory hammer them or play them out?

  2. I love these VS articles too! Keep 'em coming! It may be the Street Fighter II shenanigans of my misspent youth, but I love a good one-on-one duel.

    To answer your question: I don't know the points-buy for the DK; but for my druthers, I would have taken just one DK, and kitted him out to be the best SC killer I could. Does that big honking sword do anything for him? Any powers he can take?

    Have you considered starting these algorithms from range? Say from opposite corners of a normal 6'X4' 25% terrain board. Pick a standard, like: 4+ difficult terrain in four corners and middle board.

    Seems like that would at least let one of those dudes get a charge in, and maybe let the DK have a shooting phase or two.

    Anyway, I realize that is probably three times the work. Still love the scenario!

    For the Emperor!
    Hax out.